New York State, USA recorded 779 deaths from Covid-19

A woman is taken to an ambulance in the Harlem district of Manhattan on April 8. Photo: Reuters.
A woman is taken to an ambulance in the Harlem district of Manhattan on April 8. Photo: Reuters.

The state of New York, where it was hardest hit by Covid-19 in the US, recorded a record number of deaths on April 8. Doctors and nurses said they were shocked because patients died too quickly.

According to Reuters, on April 8, New York state recorded nearly 150,000 cases of Covid-19, accounting for more than one-third of the cases in the United States. Health officials also warned that the actual death toll could be even higher.

“All numbers are a face. This virus has attacked weak and vulnerable people, and our job in society is to protect them,” said Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York. share.

Doctors and nurses say that not only elderly patients with underlying diseases are those most likely to die from the virus, it also attacks and kills young, healthy people.

Diana Torres, a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, said patients “looked good and felt fine, but if you turned away for a while they would no longer react”.

“I was panicked and scared when I went out of their room,” Ms. Torres said.

New York officials said the recent rise in deaths at home indicates that the most populous city in the United States is making an incomplete statistic of deaths from corona virus.

“I think that is a very realistic probability,” said Cuomo.

New York State recorded 779 deaths from Covid-19 on April 8, the record number since the outbreak of the disease on the US east coast.

Despite the gloomy figures, Governor Cuomo said the proportion of hospitalized patients has dropped, and New York is beginning to “flatten the curve” – ​​limiting the sudden increase of infections to the system. No medical overload. But he also said that the death toll would continue to remain at this level or may even increase, as those who were on mechanical ventilation from a week ago were more likely to die.

So far, deaths from Covid-19 in New York City are only confirmed when positive test results are available. While there were 200 daily deaths in the city at the time of the pandemic, a huge increase compared to the rate of 22-32 deaths per day in the same period last year.

New York will try to quantify how many of these people die from coronavirus, and bring these cases to the official death rate.