Plan to use dogs to find people infected with Covid-19

Labrador dog breed.
Labrador dog breed.

It is very likely that Covid-19 has a special smell, and British scientists really believe that dogs will be able to learn that smell and detect it.

Labrador and Spanish dogs can detect malaria in humans, and scientists think that in just a few weeks, humans can use dogs to find “super-infectious” people.

Identifying virus carriers, especially those without symptoms, is one of the most important keys to addressing a pandemic.

But what if dogs can do that? Scientists in London say that in fact, dogs can make a revolutionary step in tracking down Covid-19 infected subjects by sniffing the very slight smells created by viruses while inside. human body.

The London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (LSHTM) is raising funds for a dog training project to detect people infected with the virus but have no symptoms. If the project is successful, the “animal detectives” will probably work across the UK in the summer.

“It is only at an early stage,” said James Logan, head of the LSHTM Disease Control Division. “We know smell-causing diseases – including respiratory diseases like flu – and those smells are, in fact, quite different. “It is very possible that Covid-19 has a special smell, and I really believe that dogs will be able to learn that smell and detect it.”

Dogs with developed sense of smell have been used to diagnose a variety of diseases including Parkinson’s and certain types of cancer. LSHTM has also trained laboratory animals, Labrador dogs and Spanish dogs especially suited to detect malaria. The center says its success rates far exceed WHO standards.

If the project is effective, dogs will be used to screen staff at hospitals and health care facilities, and, when normal movement returns, sniffing people with virus at the airport and the train station. With the ability to screen thousands of people every day, dogs will be able to help us return to everyday life quickly and safely.


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