Pope Francis has tested negative for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Pope Francis coughed several times during today's speech in St. Square. Peter. Photo: AP.
Pope Francis coughed several times during today's speech in St. Square. Peter. Photo: AP.

Pope Francis canceled many events because of the recent flu, raising concerns about the health of the head of the Catholic Church, especially when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Italy.

Il Messaggero said on March 3 that Pope Francis conducted the test after canceling a retreat for the first time during the Lent fasting, which lasted for a week with members of the Roman Curia. Results showed that Pope Francis, 83, was negative for the new strain of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).

Matteo Bruni, a Vatican spokesman, said he could not officially comment on information posted by Il Messaggero, according to Reuters.

The head of the Vatican since becoming pope in March 2013 has never missed a holiday on the occasion of the fasting season with senior church officials.

The notice of absence is announced by the pope in front of thousands of people in St. Square. Peter on March 1. It was also the first time he appeared in public from February 26 when the symptoms of coughing and sneezing appeared. He said he will observe the holiday from his residence in the Vatican guesthouse. The Vatican press office only announced that Pope Francis was mildly ill.

The head of the Vatican had a partial lung removed during his early 20s, after a serious illness in his home town of Buenos Aires.

Information Pope Francis had health problems that appeared amid Italy’s outbreak of corona virus (Covid-19). The number of deaths on March 2 increased to 52, while the number of infections surpassed 2,000.

Most cases were found in the northern three regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna. Rome has also appeared some cases positive for corona virus.

The Lent season begins on Ash Wednesday (this year is February 26) and lasts 40 days until Easter.

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