President Trump: The US will have 60,000-65,000 people died of Covid-19 virus

The United States is the world leader in corona virus deaths. Photo: Reuters.
The United States is the world leader in corona virus deaths. Photo: Reuters.

Mr Trump said the total number of deaths from corona virus in the US “probably” is heading to almost double today as the country has more than 36,000 people died from the epidemic.

President Donald Trump made the estimate during a daily press conference at the White House on April 17, according to Reuters. During the day, he voiced that the numbers given by Beijing were inaccurate.

“They’re taller than that and much taller than the US, let alone be approximation,” Mr. Trump said on Twitter.

The United States is the world leader with 699,105 cases and 36,727 deaths in the Covid-19 epidemic, according to statistics from John Hopkins University until April 18.

After the United States, Italy has more than 22,700 cases, Spain more than 19,600 cases and France more than 18,700 cases. These figures are well above the statistics in China, where approximately 4,636 deaths have been reported.

The United States recorded a record 4,491 deaths from viruses on April 16, nearly the total number of deaths in China to date. This is the highest daily increase in the number of deaths since the outbreak in the United States.

However, this data may have added to the deaths due to Covid-19 infection. Previously, deaths due to suspected coronavirus infection were not listed.

In New York state alone, the epidemic in the US, more than 12,000 deaths from Covid-19 infection have been recorded.

Still, Trump has revealed plans to reopen the US economy, saying governors could start reopening the economy on May 1 or earlier, pledging not to impose states on time of socio-economic recovery.

After the announcement, Mr. Trump appeared to show support for protesters protesting the blockade in several states in the United States. “Liberating Minnesota!”, “Liberating Michigan!”, “Liberating Virginia,” he wrote.


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