Rice water for Acne Treatment recipe effective, quick and safe at home

Rice water for Acne Treatment recipe effective, quick and safe at home
Rice water for Acne Treatment recipe effective, quick and safe at home

Rice water for Acne Treatment recipe effective, quick and safe at home. How to treat acne with rice water is a traditional method in Asia that has long been used. This article we will learn in detail about the effect and how to implement this method.

Composition and effects of water to wash rice

If you still don’t know what rice water is, it is the starchy water that is distilled when we soak or wash the rice. Rice water has long been considered a natural beauty product and a very effective acne treatment, and it is also used very popular in Asian countries like China, Japan or Korea.

Treating acne with rice water is one of the common beauty treatments
Treating acne with rice water is one of the common beauty treatments

So what makes the magic of rice water? According to the famous scientific and medical website NCBI, because the composition of rice bran contains ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant and the active ingredient allantoin has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, rice water is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Because of such great nutrients, rice water has the following effects:

  • Supporting the treatment of acne and dermatitis.
  • Works like rose water, helps the skin plump and smooth.
  • Cleansing away impurities on the skin.
  • Helps relax and regenerate the skin.
  • Reduce dark pigmentation and sunburn.
  • Eliminates burning sensation when skin is sunburned.
  • Helps hair softer, healthier and stimulates hair growth.

The most effective tips to treat acne with rice water

Acne is a fairly serious problem that adolescents face when they enter puberty. Not only that, some people still have acne despite in their late 30s and early 40s. This condition of the skin is usually due to hormonal problems in the body, but the lifestyle, unhealthy diet or Incorrect skin care can make it worse.

The rice water used in treating acne originated in Japanese women. The reason is because rice water helps to increase alkalinity on the skin and balance the pH. Besides, it will help reduce sebum secretion, excess oil on the skin and fade scars, stimulate young skin cells.

Acne Treatment with pure rice water

The necessary steps to treat acne with only pure rice water are as follows:

  • First, clean your skin with the mildest cleanser. Then, use a soft towel to dry the skin.
  • Use sterile cotton balls or makeup remover pads to transfer the rice water and blot it onto your skin.
  • Let your skin dry naturally, avoiding your touch during this process.
  • You do not need to rinse with warm water afterwards.
  • Each week, do it two or three times at regular intervals.

Acne Treatment with rice water and aloe

Treating acne with water aloe vera water
Treating acne with water aloe vera water

Aloe has always been called a miracle tree because it has both healing and beauty benefits for women. Its gel contains adequate moisture, vitamins A, B, C, E, salicylic acid, enzymes, minerals and amino acids.

How does aloe vera work with your skin? Aloe vera gel with hydration properties will make the skin tight, smooth and healthier. It also makes the skin brighter, eliminates acne-prone bruises, and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that prevent further acne. Here’s how you should do it to use rice water and aloe vera to treat acne:

  • You mix the rice water and aloe vera gel in a one-to-one ratio.
  • After that, you need to clean your skin first with a gentle cleanser, do not use the type of milk that causes skin damage. You dry your skin with a soft cotton towel.
  • Use a medical cotton ball or makeup remover to absorb the solution and gently apply it to the affected area.
  • Allow your skin to dry naturally for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You should leave it overnight to see the effect. Every week, you use this recipe twice.

Acne Treatment with rice water and apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar not only is a great spice for meals but also has the ability to beautify very effectively. According to scientific studies, it is rich in acetic, citric, malic, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts, making your skin healthier.

If you are having a headache facing acne-prone skin, rice bran combined with apple cider vinegar can be a worth a try. How to do the following:

  • First, clean your skin with a mild cleanser, then use a towel to dry the skin.
  • You use raw apple cider vinegar mixed with rice water in the ratio of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and three tablespoons of rice water.
  • Afterwards, use a cotton swab or camellia soaked in solution and apply on acne-prone skin. You should let them dry for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • If acne is severe, try two to three times per day to increase effectiveness. Then, as the problem improves, use this formula three to four times a week.

Acne Treatment with rice water and matcha green tea powder

Acne with rice water and green tea powder
Acne with rice water and green tea powder

Matcha green tea powder has become so familiar to many people, especially women in terms of beauty or cuisine. But, did you know why matcha is considered a “warrior” in fighting acne? The secret lies in the antioxidant EGCG that has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects very effectively.

The article would like to share the formula of a mask using rice water and matcha that will bring you healthy skin:

  • Depending on the area of ​​acne more or less that you reduce the ratio of rice water and matcha powder to form a paste.
  • Then, clean your skin with cleanser and wipe dry with a cotton cloth.
  • You should use a soft brush to apply the mixture evenly to the acne-prone skin, noting that the brush is disinfected clean. Let the mask penetrate the skin evenly for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
  • One week, you should only use the mask two to three times.

Note at applying acne treatment with rice water

Rice water has a lot of great effects, but sometimes it will have a bad effect on your body. Some notes when you use rice water to treat acne as follows:

  • Make sure you talk to a dermatologist before using: You know, nothing is more fragile than the skin, especially the face. For each person, the content of sebum, oil, and pH on the skin will be different, not to mention the sensitive skin problem that causes allergy though what you use is completely natural. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before using rice water to treat acne.
  • Make sure that the rice water you use is completely free of contaminants: Because the rice has gone through many manufacturing processes, you cannot be sure it is free of dirt. Therefore, you should use water to wash or soak the rice a second time, after you have washed the rice with water for the first time.
  • If you are not sure that your skin is strong enough, try a skin-stimulating reaction by applying a small amount to your hands before applying rice water to your face.

Hopefully the article has brought readers a lot of useful knowledge about how to treat acne with rice water. Healthy skin is what everyone wants, so make sure you care about it the best way.

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