Russia distributed Avifavir to COVID-19 patients

Russian experts modulated Favipiravir to enhance the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatment - Photo: REUTERS
Russian experts modulated Favipiravir to enhance the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatment - Photo: REUTERS

Russia will start distributing Avifavir – the first COVID-19 drug approved by the Ministry of Health, to patients next week. This is considered a move to promote the country back to normal life.

Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), told Reuters news agency that Russian hospitals would start distributing Avifavir to COVID-19 patients from June 11, with the amount of medicine available. enough to treat about 60,000 people each month.

Currently, no vaccine has been approved for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, nor has any drug been approved by the global scientific community for its effectiveness in treating COVID-19, including both Russian Avifavir.

However, Avifavir is the first potential new corona virus treatment drug approved by the Russian Ministry of Health after clinical trials.

Dmitriev said clinical trials involving 330 people showed that Avifavir successfully treated corona virus in most cases within 4 days. The clinical trial will last for about a week and will have more trials.

“We believe the drug will help reduce the burden on the health system, we will have fewer critical patients and an estimated 90% of patients will recover in 10 days” – Mr. Dmitriev said.

Describing Avifavir “has few side effects, is not suitable for pregnant women, and is particularly effective for people with mild or moderate symptoms of COVID-19,” he also expressed confidence that the drug “is key. key to the full restoration of economic activity in Russia “.

Russia currently ranks third globally in the number of COVID-19 infections with 405,843 cases, just behind the US and Brazil, and 4,693 deaths, Reuters news agency reported.

Avifavir, internationally known as Favipiravir, was first developed by a Japanese company in the late 1990s (the company was later acquired by Fujifilm), often used to treat severe flu patients. Russian experts have redesigned to enhance the effectiveness of Avifavir in the treatment of COVID-19.


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