Russia has more than 10,600 new infections, a record in 24 hours

Russia recorded a new record high on the day. Photo: AP.
Russia recorded a new record high on the day. Photo: AP.

Russia has just recorded a new record of 24-hour Covid-19 infections with 10,633 cases, amid a continuing epidemic in the country.

According to Reuters, Russia recorded 10,633 new cases of Covid-19 on May 3. This is the highest number of new infections in 24 hours since the outbreak in Russia. The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Russia recorded on May 3 was 58.

With data released today, Russia now has a total of 134,686 cases positive for Covid-19. The total number of deaths from epidemics in Russia is 1,280.

The epidemic is becoming increasingly serious in Russia after data released over the past few days show that new cases are constantly increasing. As of May 3, Russia has conducted more than 4.1 million corona virus tests, the second most in the world after the US.

Many high-ranking Russian officials have become victims of the corona virus.

On April 30, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said he was positive for the virus, and would quarantine himself. He is the highest certified Russian official to be infected.

A day later, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Vladimir Yakushev and Deputy Minister Dmitry Volko also confirmed positive for Covid-19, Tass news agency said.

Globally, the number of people infected with Covid-19 has nearly reached 3.5 million cases, with more than 244,000 deaths. The United States continues to be the country with the most virus infections with 1.1 million cases, of which more than 67,000 have died.

In Europe, Spain is the country with the highest number of people infected with Covid-19 with more than 245,000 cases. Meanwhile, Italy and the UK were the leading countries in terms of deaths due to the disease with about 28,000 cases.


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