Russia increased 440 cases of Corona virus in a day

The man wears a mask on the Russian street. Photo: TASS.
The man wears a mask on the Russian street. Photo: TASS.

Russia confirmed an additional 440 cases and 7 deaths from corona virus on 1/4. In total, 24 people died in Russia.

Among the new deaths are 5 in Moscow, 1 in Moscow and 1 in Pskov.

There are 267 new cases in Moscow, 32 in the Komi Republic, 27 in St. Petersburg. Petersburg and scattered in many other regions of Russia. Of the 2,777 cases so far, there are 1,880 in Moscow, according to RIA Novosti.

190 people were cured.

According to The Moscow Times, the official Russian figures are still much lower than those of European countries. Experts warn Russia’s testing capabilities are hampered. Meanwhile, many officials warn the actual figure could be much higher.

Last week, Moscow changed the way it counts Covid-19. Accordingly, a person is considered to be positive for the virus when testing for a positive result only once instead of having to send the sample to the Novosibirsk laboratory for further verification.

Starting at the beginning of the week (March 30), all 12 million residents of Moscow were ordered to stay home with only a few exceptions.

Globally, the corona virus has infected more than 860,000 people and killed more than 42,000.