Serie A may be canceled midway because of Covid-19

If Serie A 2019/20 is canceled, Ronaldo will not be able to have a national championship. Photo: Getty.
If Serie A 2019/20 is canceled, Ronaldo will not be able to have a national championship. Photo: Getty.

The unbelievable end for Serie A 2019/20 could happen if the Covid-19 epidemic is constantly spreading in Italy.

The Italian Football Federation president Gabriel Gravina himself confirmed this to RAI: “If a Serie A player is positive for corona virus, we do not rule out the possibility of canceling the results of the entire season.”

“We have to be realistic. In those cases, we will have to apply all the procedures necessary to ensure the health of the players, then consider the possible impact on the tournament.” He continued.

Mr. Gravina also said that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) will try to map out possible scenarios to calculate the measures but at present “it is impossible to predict anything”.

“Playing on the pitch without an audience is clearly not the ideal condition. But seeing the president of the teams arguing for their rights has seriously affected the image of Italian football,” Mr. Gravina said.

Earlier Inter Chairman Steven Zhang criticized Serie A organizer Paolo Da Vino as a “clown” and “disgrace” for delaying the match against Juventus and rescheduling the match from March 1 to May 13. , directly pushing Inter into the schedule too heavy in the last month of the season.

After this harsh criticism, the Serie A organizing committee went into the water when resuming the Juventus match against Inter on March 8 (local time) instead of May 13.

Italian football is in unprecedented chaos due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. The continuous delay of matches makes it difficult for the Serie A organizing committee to make up the replenishment schedule.

In Italy, the number of corona virus infections has reached 5,061 cases with 233 deaths by March 7 (local time). According to Football-italy, the Italian government ordered the blockade of the Lombardy epidemic, where three major representatives of Italian football are AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atalanta.