Sweet potato weight loss diet plan safe and effective

Sweet potato weight loss diet plan safe and effective

Sweet potato weight loss diet plan safe and effective. As the name implies, sweet potatoes are inherently benign and suitable for humans. During the old years, sweet potatoes were used very often. Sweet potatoes are easy to eat, especially extremely easy to use for weight loss is extremely good.

Eating sweet potatoes for weight loss to replace rice is always considered a very effective way. But in the end is this information false or scientifically sound? Refer to the following detailed article of BeHeCare.

Why eating sweet potatoes can weight loss?

Is sweet potato good for fat?

This is the question of many women today.

Also because sweet potatoes are referred to as starch food such as rice, wheat, … many people do not believe in the ability to lose weight thanks to sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes mainly contain starch and other non-fat nutrients
Sweet potatoes mainly contain starch and other non-fat nutrients

However, this food has the following unexpected differences:

The fat content is extremely small, almost zero. The potatoes are mostly water so they will be full for a long time without being afraid of fat.

The amount of sugar in potatoes is also a vegetable sugar. Different from refined sugar with high sweetness, using a sufficient amount of plant sugar is unharmed with weight.

Benefits when eating sweet potatoes regularly

Eating sweet potatoes for weight loss is extremely effective because:

Sweet potatoes contain very few calories

The main calories in potatoes are provided through starch. However, the starch content in sweet potatoes accounts for only about 7%, very low.

So eating sweet potatoes, the body will limit the absorption of excess calories, thereby losing weight easily

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber

Surprisingly, sweet potatoes contain abundant amounts of vitamin A, fiber and vitamin C.

Vitamins help strengthen the immune system, fiber improves the digestive system. From there, help the body eliminate excess energy more easily.

In addition, fiber also helps form the stomach lining that consumes too much. From there, make you feel fuller faster.

Eating sweet potatoes will make you feel full longer

In sweet potatoes there is a completely different plant compound compared to other vegetables. This compound does not decompose upon absorption.

This also means it lasts a long time in the body and helps you feel full. When full, there will be no more cravings.

Based on the above studies it can completely confirm: Eating sweet potatoes is not only for weight loss but also extremely good for the body.

What kind of sweet potato is best for weight loss?

Most sweet potato varieties contain very few calories, so you can easily choose. However, if it is best to lose weight purple sweet potato, because this is a low-sweet potato.

Less sweet potatoes are less sweet, fleshy and easier to eat. Naturally, less sweetness, the amount of sugar in potatoes has decreased quite a bit, so the calories consumed will also be much lower.

And if you lose weight, sweet potatoes are more elastic and sweeter but they will also contain more sugar and more calories.

Weight loss menu with sweet potatoes for 1 week

Different from what you think, sweet potatoes are more than just eating potatoes instead of rice. You absolutely can combine potatoes with other foods for easy eating, less bored.

Make a specific menu, diversified by week as follows:

Day 1: Weight loss with sweet potatoes and bananas

Sweet potatoes and bananas combine to weight loss very effectively
Sweet potatoes and bananas combine to weight loss very effectively

Eating bananas with sweet potatoes is considered the optimal way to lose weight. Because bananas have anti-starch substances, if you want to lose weight quickly, this is indeed an indispensable measure.

Bananas will eliminate the small amount of starch in potatoes. At the same time, bananas provide vitamins and protein for the body. Combining sweet potatoes with bananas, the fruit is just right to be full without worrying about lack of quality.

You can choose to eat potatoes with bananas instead of rice or interwoven with meals. Specific distribution is simple:

  • Morning: Eat 2 bananas or combine bananas and sweet potatoes
  • Lunch: Eat sweet potatoes in combination with milk or salad
  • Light meal: 1 banana
  • Dinner: A combination of bananas and sweet potatoes or bananas

If you can not follow this menu, do not worry! Just replace one or a few meals a day with sweet potatoes and bananas. After only 1 week you will soon receive the desired results.

Day 2: Sweet potatoes and eggs help weight loss effectively

Eggs are easy to eat, so they can be combined with regular sweet potatoes
Eggs are easy to eat, so they can be combined with regular sweet potatoes

Hard-boiled eggs or omelettes are always used at every family’s breakfast. Eggs are nutritious, delicious, and contain mostly non-fat protein. You can eat eggs often without worrying about harming your health!

The 2nd menu will be:

  • Morning: 1 boiled egg / omelette with milk, combined with apples or 2 slices of sandwich
  • Lunch: Boiled tubers combined with sweet potatoes
  • Evening: Boiled chicken breast or boiled lean meat with 1 egg.

Day 3: Lose weight with sweet potatoes and yogurt

Normal yogurt is inherently good because it contains probiotics that help the digestive system stay healthy. Adding yogurt to the weight loss menu is even more necessary.

Yogurt will alleviate the feeling of bloating when eating too much potatoes. At the same time, they help the skin to be beautiful, avoid the phenomenon of dark skin, ugly when losing weight.

You can continue to apply the formulas of days 1 and 2, adding yogurt to your diet.

Day 4: Lose weight with sweet potatoes and oats

Oats are also a favored form of cereal today. Oats have a rich source of nutrients, have good antioxidant and fat consumption.

You can cook oatmeal, crush and eat like cereal with milk, very easy to eat. One note is that you should not use over-processed oats (bread) that will reduce nutrition.

With bananas, oats and eggs, you can comfortably combine your weight loss menu. Continue to choose dynamically with the following dates. Only a short time will certainly produce the desired results.

Day 5: Weight loss with sweet potatoes and lean meat

By day 5, you can eat more lean meat from chicken breast, beef or fish than the previous day. With the sweet potato weight loss menu, you should note that drinking plenty of water to increase the effectiveness.

  • Breakfast: Minced lean sweet potato porridge
  • Snack: A box of unsweetened yogurt
  • Lunch: Roasted sweet potatoes with pepper, boiled beef
  • Snack: A tomato, a cucumber
  • Dinner: A baked sweet potato

Day 6: Weight loss with sweet potatoes and side dishes

The 6th sweet potato weight loss menu includes main dishes related to sweet potatoes and side dishes. By day 6, you can eat an extra half a cup of brown rice to reduce cravings for rice

  • Breakfast: Mashed sweet potatoes with salted walnuts
  • Side meal: Dried sweet potato
  • Lunch: Half a cup of brown rice, sweet potato curry cooked with minced meat
  • Snack: A big guava
  • Dinner: A boiled chicken egg, half a sweet potato

Day 7:  Weight loss with sweet potatoes, butter and vegetables

Congrats on the sweet potato weight loss menu for the whole week. For the last day you can relax with a salad of sweet potato mixed with butter and spinach, … This menu is both for weight loss and delicious for the skin.

  • Breakfast: A cup of soy milk, a baked sweet potato
  • Snack: A cup of unsweetened yogurt
  • Lunch: Sweet potato salad with butter, shredded chicken breast and spinach.
  • Snack: A banana
  • Dinner: An egg white, half boiled sweet potato

Additional ways to lose weight sweet potatoes and beans

Soy fat burns fat effectively, drinking in the morning is great for weight loss
Soy fat burns fat effectively, drinking in the morning is great for weight loss

In addition to the above nutritious foods, beans can also be added to the menu. Soy milk is rich in fiber, very good for digestion.

Especially soy milk is proven to help detoxify effectively. Drinking 1 cup of soy milk in the morning helps your body be both full and energetic. At the same time, you don’t worry about consuming too many calories.

You can replace breakfast with oatmeal bread and bean milk to reduce boredom of potatoes. The next meal eat potatoes as usual

The sweet potato weight loss menu is both easy to implement and effective for regaining your slim physique. In addition, you can also participate in weight-loss and health-improvement methods with professional trainers at the GYM room. Hopefully the article has brought useful knowledge to you.

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