The Coronavirus is spreading more and more strongly on many continents

Health workers disinfect streets in Daegu, which is the most contested in Korea. Photo: Reuters.
Health workers disinfect streets in Daegu, which is the most contested in Korea. Photo: Reuters.

In Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany and, most recently, the United States, health officials are trying to block the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), tracking patients’ contact.

But it seems that outside China, no country has grasped the full scale of the epidemic, according to the New York Times.

To date, US officials have recorded 100 cases nationwide, with 6 deaths. Analysis of the genetic sample of the virus in Washington state, where the deaths were found, suggests the disease may have spread in the community up to 6 weeks before the first case was discovered.

The new strain of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has now spread to all continents except Antarctica, and infected 90,000 people, killing more than 3,000 people.

A major change in the course of the epidemic: while hundreds of patients continue to leave hospitals in the epidemic center of mainland China, WHO estimates that the number of new infections in the world is 9 times higher than China in 24. past hour.

Outbreaks continue to expand in South Korea, Italy and Iran, while new cases are first reported in New York, Moscow, and Berlin, as well as in Latvia, Malaysia, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Jordan and Portugal.

In China, where the outbreak was found and most cases were detected, the government continued to contain the spread. Only 202 new cases have been recorded in the mainland, the lowest number since the day since January.

In South Korea, the second largest outbreak after China, the number of cases rose to 4,335 on the afternoon of March 2, nearly doubling the February 28 figure. About 60% of all infections in Korea are related to the New Heavenly Sect.

The speed of detecting cases in Europe is even faster, and the authorities have warned people to be prepared for a major epidemic.

In Iran, the scale of the disease is still unclear. The government confirmed 1,501 cases, while public health experts feared Iranian figures were unreliable.

Jordan, Senegal and Saudi Arabia detected the first cases, bringing the total number of infected countries and territories to 76, according to Worldometers.

While the virus is reaching worldwide, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reduces its growth forecast for 2020, and says global growth could be halved if the disease continues to spread outside. China.