The first Korean singer to be positive for Covid-19

Yoon Hak was the first Korean singer to confirm a positive for Covid-19.
Yoon Hak was the first Korean singer to confirm a positive for Covid-19.

According to Koreaboo, the first Korean celebrity to be confirmed positive for Covid-19 was singer Yoon Hak of Supernova.

On April 3, Yoon Hak’s governing body, SV Records, confirmed that the male singer tested positive for Covid-19 and was currently being treated at a hospital in Seoul.

Previously, on March 24, Yoon Hak returned to Korea from Japan after finishing his schedule. He had symptoms such as cough and headache on March 27. The male singer was tested for Covid-19 on March 31 and received a positive result on 1/4. Later, he transferred to Seoul Medical Center for follow-up and treatment. Results from the test of the male singer showed that he had a mild virus infection.

“We think he can recover quickly because the symptoms he experiences are quite mild. We will suspend all his scheduled activities for a while to focus on what is being done.” treatment and recovery for Yoon Hak, “SV Records’ representative said on Koreaboo.

In addition, local authorities are working to monitor the places Yoon Hak has been visiting since returning to Korea.

In recent years, Yoon Hak mainly operates in Japan. The singer is in the process of preparing for a new boy group through a joint audition show between Japan and Korea called G-EEG as the producer.

Yoon Hak is a member of the Supernova group that debuted in 2007. Supernova is one of the groups that achieved much success in the Japanese market.

In Korea, Supernova is best known for her collaboration with T-ara in the song Time To Love.


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