The first US state sued China for compensation for the Covid-19 epidemic

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. Photo: AP.
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. Photo: AP.

The US state of Missouri on April 21 sued Chinese leaders, seeking compensation for the Covid-19 epidemic, accusing China of deliberately deceiving, not acting enough to prevent the outbreak, according to AFP.

The case was filed in federal court, amid calls from Congress to punish China. President Trump is also increasingly focusing on Beijing’s role in the Covid-19 pandemic, though he himself has received criticism for how to respond to the epidemic in the United States.

The state of Missouri, which currently has Republican leaders, filed a lawsuit seeking a compensation and ban of some Chinese actions, including speculation of protective gear, according to the state’s allegations. It is not clear how much the claim is.

“The Chinese government lied to the world about the risk and the contagious nature of Covid-19, silenced the doctor and blew little action to prevent the disease from spreading,” Missouri State Attorney General Eric Schmitt alleges. . “They are responsible for their actions.”

Missouri cited estimates that the state could lose tens of billions of dollars due to viruses and anti-epidemic measures, and mentioned that China in the early days covered up the virus spread in Wuhan and arrested him. Doctor Ly Van Luong issued a warning.

The suit also mentioned that China initially said there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

Doctor Li Wenliang was the first to sound the alarm about the corona virus outbreak in his hospital in Wuhan, only to be investigated by the police for “spreading rumors”, asking for an error.

But his warning came true when the outbreak broke out, and Dr. Li was vindicated. The police must apologize, and the Chinese Supreme Court criticizes the police. But he died February 6 because of the virus, while he was curing patients. At that time, he became a hero in the eyes of the Chinese online community.

Despite filing a lawsuit against China for damages, the state of Missouri has less restrictive measures to prevent epidemics than other states. Shops are still open, if limited in number and guaranteed distance.

By April 21, Missouri had 189 deaths because of Covid-19, half of which were in St. Louis. Louis.


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