The image of the patient losing 23 kg because Covid-19 gained attention on the Internet

From a healthy nurse Mike Schultz became ill after 6 weeks of treatment of Covid-19.
From a healthy nurse Mike Schultz became ill after 6 weeks of treatment of Covid-19.

The article shared the experience of Mike Schultz of a patient who spent 6 weeks on Covid-19 treatment received attention on social networks.

Sitting on the hospital bed of Boston’s Covid-19 treatment room, Mike Schultz had a talk with the anesthesiologist and placed his intubation machine.

“I think only a week has passed,” Mike Schultz said.

But the nurse who helped treat Schultz told him that the actual time was 6 weeks.

Nurse Mike Schultz, 43, from San Francisco has no underlying medical condition. He works as a nurse at a hospital 6-7 days a week. Before the time of Covid-19, he weighed 86 kg. But in a BuzzFeed interview, Schultz weighed only 63 kg after 6 weeks of treatment.

“I couldn’t hold my phone, it was very heavy. I couldn’t type, because my hands were shaking,” Schultz said.

The article sharing Schultz's experience received attention on Instagram.
The article sharing Schultz’s experience received attention on Instagram.

Schultz’s lung capacity has begun to recover. Last week, Schultz shared his photos with 30,000 people on Instagram about his pre-post and post-treatment photos of Covid-19. The picture on the left was taken about a month before Schultz became infected. The picture on the right is in the recovery room, where he tried to get up from his hospital bed to take pictures.

“I want to show people how bad it is to have a breathing tube for 6 weeks,” the status line Schultz posted with photos on Instagram received more than 16,000 likes.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Schultz said he didn’t think things were that serious. “I think I’m young enough that Covid-19 doesn’t affect me and I know a lot of people are thinking that too,” Schultz said.

Two days before admission, Schultz went to Boston to meet his boyfriend, DJ Josh Hebblewaite, 29. At that time, Schultz was a bit tired due to the weather but he did not have a fever.

A week earlier, the couple had been to Miami Beach for a winter party, which attracted thousands of people.

Schultz posted pictures of himself smiling with his friends and stated on Instagram he had a great time. When Schultz and his boyfriend had fun, the party attendees had no idea that the Covid-19 virus was also there.

“We thought Covid-19 might be somewhere. But there was no social spacing at the party. We just thought we should wash our hands more and not touch our faces,” Schultz said.

Schultz and his boyfriend at the winter party, one of the first American translators.
Schultz and his boyfriend at the winter party, one of the first American translators.

As a result, at least 38 people who attended the winter party that day were infected with Covid-19, three of whom died.

Two days after the party, Schultz and his boyfriend started to feel very sick. Schultz had a fever of nearly 40 degrees and felt short of breath. His lungs were full of fluid and both had to go to the hospital.

During the first day, Schultz received oxygen through his nose. After that, he used a breathing mask and the doctor finally put Schultz intubation.

“It was really scary. During more than 4 weeks of intubation, my boyfriend could not visit because of the rules of the place of treatment,” Schultz said. Instead, the nurse will update Schultz’s situation for his friend every 4 hours. About 4 weeks later, the nurses gave Schultz Facetime with her boyfriend.

However, when Schultz shared photos of his treatment on social media, he and his boyfriend were violated by the crowd. Some people believe that the couple deserves Covid-19 infection because they went to the winter party.

As for Schultz, he was thinking of what to eat at a restaurant when he was discharged from the hospital. “It will have two pieces of cheese, chips and a slice of strawberry. I think it will taste different because I have lost part of my taste. But it will be great,” Schultz said.