The number of Covid-19 infections surpassed 1 million in Brazil

The Covid-19 situation in Brazil is very worrying
The Covid-19 situation in Brazil is very worrying

Brazilian authorities on June 20 announced an additional 54,771 cases of Covid-19, a record so far, bringing the total number of cases to 1,032,913 cases, just below the US.

Of these, 48,954 died with new deaths over the past 4 days always higher than 1,000. Experts say the numbers could be much higher due to lack of testing, according to AP. Johns Hopkins University (USA) said Brazil is only doing 14 tests per 100,000 people every day, about 20 times lower than necessary.

Official data show that the epidemic is declining in the north, remaining stable in coastal cities but increasing in the south and the countryside. Health officials admit that the lack of health facilities in inland areas forces people to travel far away for treatment, increasing the risk of Covid-19 transmission.