The number of deaths in the UK exceeds 10,000 for Covid-19

Health workers took a Covid-19 infected patient from an ambulance to a hospital in London. Photo: Getty.
Health workers took a Covid-19 infected patient from an ambulance to a hospital in London. Photo: Getty.

With 737 deaths recorded on April 12, more than 10,000 people died from Covid-19. But experts warn the country could have the worst outbreak in Europe.

According to Reuters, the number of deaths from Covid-19 in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has reached 10,612 cases, after 737 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours.

This figure has decreased compared to more than 900 deaths per day in the previous 2 days, but it marks the milestone of 10,000 deaths surpassed. As such, the UK is the fifth country to reach this milestone after the US, Italy, Spain and France.

Professor Jeremy Farrar, director of the Welcome Trust and an epidemiologist at the Emergency Science Advisory Group (SAGE), said that recent death figures show that the UK is Facing the situation similar to other European countries.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Farrar said that Britain “could” be the European country with the most deaths from Covid-19.

“The numbers in the UK continue to grow. I really hope that we are nearing a time when those numbers will decline. But it is true that Britain will probably become one of the worst affected countries, if not the heaviest in Europe, “said Mr Farrar.

Mr. Farrar sees Germany as a good example of a country with a high infection rate but with a low death rate, because it has been tested on a large scale, continues to do so and isolates infected people to create conditions for treating seriously ill people.

“By isolating people who are positive for the virus, they will not be able to infect others,” Farrar said.

While the UK is considering easing curfew, Mr. Farrar said that widespread testing in the community is a way for Germany to have more time to handle the crisis. Germany has had 6 to 8 more weeks to ensure the health system is operating at full capacity.

The record for one day of death in the UK is 980 for April 10, higher than the record for Italy and Spain in the peak days of the epidemic in these two countries.

France also records more than 1,000 deaths a day, but unlike Britain, France records deaths in nursing homes, while the UK only records deaths in hospitals.

In March, a team of researchers from Imperial College London simulated and simulated Covid-19 scenarios in the UK, and suggested that the number of virus deaths could be as high as 260,000 without proper measures. social isolation. After the blockade measures are implemented, they expect the death toll to fall to 20,000.

In another development, Italy on April 12 recorded the lowest number of deaths since March 19. The number of new infections also decreased from 4,694 on April 11 to 4,092.

With these new figures, the number of deaths recorded by Italy since the outbreak (February 21) in the country was 19,899, the second highest in the world, after the US. The total number of confirmed cases is 156,363, the third in the world, after the US and Spain.

There are 3,343 people in intensive care, down from 3,381 the previous day and the ninth consecutive day off.