The number of new Covid-19 infections in Beijing is rapidly increasing

Fengtai County in Beijing (China) last week launched a war mechanism and set up a command center to limit the spread of the virus.

The city has reintroduced stringent blockade measures and conducted extensive testing after a series of corona virus cases emerged from Xinfadi – the largest food wholesale market there and sparked Covid fears -19 will rise again.

CNN reported that on June 15, Beijing announced that 36 new Covid-19 cases had been discovered, bringing the total number of cases to 79, since an infectious case. The community was first recorded on June 12.

The Covid-19 epidemic also spread to Liaoning and Hebei provinces, with a total of 5 cases found to have close contact with patients in Beijing.

A series of new cases shocked China, when Beijing government spokesman Xu Hejian described the “special period” at a weekend press conference.

Stop using anti-malarial drugs to treat viruses

According to AP and Reuters, the decision was made on June 15. Based on new evidence, the FDA sees no reason to believe that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine-related drugs are effective in treating diseases caused by the new strain of coronavirus.

Citing reports of heart-related complications, the FDA says the benefits of the two drugs have not been substantiated while there are known and unknown risks to it.

The FDA also warned that doctors do not prescribe the drug in combination with remdesivir – the only drug currently available that could potentially help patients with corona virus infection. The FDA says anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine may reduce the effectiveness of remdesivir.

Cases of Covid-19 worldwide exceeded 8 million

According to statistics from the Worldometers site, there are 8.104.075 total cases of corona virus worldwide. The current death figure is 438,421 and the number of people recovered from 4,187,421. Cases of infection increase sharply in Latin America.

About 25% of new infections, 2 million, are in the US. The number of virus infections and deaths in Brazil has risen sharply, making it the second hotest place for the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, second only to the United States.

Although the official death toll in Brazil for Covid-19 has increased to close to the 44,000 mark, its actual impact is far greater than statistics, health experts said.


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