The number of new Covid-19 infections in China has increased again

People in Wuhan lined up to wait for their turn to test on May 17. Photo: Reuters.
People in Wuhan lined up to wait for their turn to test on May 17. Photo: Reuters.

The National Health Commission said China had recorded 11 more cases of Covid-19 on May 24, an increase compared to three cases recorded the previous day.

All new infections are “imported cases,” involving foreign visitors, Reuters reported the official announcement of China’s National Health Commission.

Of these, 10 cases were recorded in the Inner Mongolia region in the southwest of Sichuan province.

Also on 24/5, China had 40 more cases of Covid-19 with no symptoms. A day earlier, the Health Commission reported this figure as 36 cases.

While many parts of the country were reopened, cities in Jilin Province, northeastern China, continued to carry out the blockade.

The anti-epidemic regulations were reopened after Jilin Province recorded more cases and deaths. Chinese health authorities have yet to identify the source of the new outbreak, but they suspect patients have come in contact with infected people returning from abroad.

Areas of China located near the border with Russia are facing the risk of “imported cases” leading to rapid increase of domestic cases, creating “double pressure” for the country’s anti-epidemic work.

As of May 25, Covid-19 infected 82,985 cases and killed 4,634 people in China. Meanwhile, the world recorded more than 5.5 million infections and nearly 350,000 deaths due to Covid-19, citing data from Worldometers.


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