The number of New Yorkers drinking disinfectants increased

A woman wears a mask in New York City Central Park, April 4. Photo: Reuters.
A woman wears a mask in New York City Central Park, April 4. Photo: Reuters.

The New York Poison Control Center noted an increase in the number of people drinking disinfectants and cleansers.

The New York City Poison Control Center said on Wednesday it received more calls a day on average, after President Trump mentioned at a White House press conference two days ago that he wanted to find understand how to inject disinfectant into the body of Covid-19 patient, to destroy virus.

Pedro F. Frisneda, spokesman for the city’s Department of Health and Mental Health, said that during the 18 hours to 3:00 pm on April 24, the Poison Control Center recorded 30 cases, including “9 cases of exposure.” Clear Lysol disinfectant solution, 10 cases involving bleach and 11 cases involving other household cleaners “. In the same period last year, the number of reported cases was 13. It is unclear whether new cases have been reported for the purpose of killing nCoV.

New York Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot on the same day warned New Yorkers not to inject, take bleach or other disinfectants. “It is clear that the disinfectant is not to be taken by mouth, ear or air, by any means, by any means. Doing so can put people in great danger,” Ms. Barbot posted. Twitter.

At a daily press conference at the White House on April 23, US President Trump wanted to find a way to inject disinfectants into the body of nCoV patients, but medical experts immediately rejected and thought that the idea was dangerous. “I see disinfectants knock down the virus in a minute, a minute. And is there any way for us to do the same thing by injecting it into the body or cleansing it?” Trump said. A day later, the US president said his statement was ironic, “just to see what happened”.

A report published online this week by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the number of detergent and disinfectant exposure cases increased by 20% between January and March. Compared with the same period last year, but can not confirm the above cases aimed at destroying Covid-19.

210 countries and territories have recorded Covid-19, causing nearly three million people to be infected and 207,000 to die. The United States is currently the largest epidemic region in the world with more than 987,000 cases, more than 55,000 deaths.


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