The preschool in Singapore became an outbreak with 20 cases of Covid-19

PCF Sparkletots kindergarten in Fengshan is sprayed with disinfection. Photo: Straitstimes.
PCF Sparkletots kindergarten in Fengshan is sprayed with disinfection. Photo: Straitstimes.

Fifteen teachers and five headmasters of the corona virus have quarantined students and some parents of a kindergarten in Singapore.

According to Straitstimes, a Sparkletots center of the PAP Community Fund (PCF Sparkletots) in Fengshan became an outbreak in Singapore when 15 staff and five principal principals were infected with the corona virus.

In a letter to parents on March 24, the school announced it would be closed for two weeks. Students return to school from April 8 if nothing changes.

One of the cases of Covid-19 is the principal. On March 17, she went to school to work and developed symptoms in the afternoon. Meanwhile, she still attended meetings with staff. In the evening, this person attends a training course with staff from other schools of PCF Sparkletots.

On the morning of March 18, the principal met the doctor and took a leave from March 20. During the weekend, many school staff tested positive for corona virus. On March 23 and 24, 4 members of the principal’s family who did not live with her, also contracted Covid-19. One person got the same result after that.

The school is currently blockaded. 10 other staff and 110 isolated students. In addition, 30 staff members from other centers were also quarantined due to the training with the principal in Fengshan.

360 centers across the country under PCF Sparkletots also closed 4 days, from March 26. PCF Sparkletots is Singapore’s largest preschool system. This closure affects more than 40,000 children and their families.

In a letter to parents, Victor Bay, CEO of PCF, apologized during the preliminary investigation that some of the preschool system staff were still working, despite feeling unwell.

“We feel sorry that center staff do not strictly follow measures to ensure the safety of students and teachers. We will fully evaluate what has just happened and handle it appropriately.” , he asserts.