The secret to helping the 102-year-old lady in Singapore defeat Covid-19

Ms. Yap Lay Hong beat Covid-19 at the age of 102. Photo: Straistimes.
Ms. Yap Lay Hong beat Covid-19 at the age of 102. Photo: Straistimes.

At the age of 102, Mrs. Yap Lay Hong is the oldest person in Singapore to overcome Covid-19. A healthy lifestyle helped her defeat the virus.

When Ms. Yap Lay Hong recovered from her illness and returned to the Lee Ah Mooi nursing home, the staff and the elderly in the hospital greeted her with radiant faces and also a cry of joy and joy.

Ms. Hong was found positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus and was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment from 1 April. After 31 days, Ms. Hong was discharged from the hospital. At 102, she is the oldest person to beat Covid-19 in Singapore.

This is the second time in her life, Ms. Hong experienced a global pandemic. She was born in 1918 amid a Spanish flu – the world’s worst pandemic – that killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 2,800 in Singapore.

Hong recovered from the illness and returned to the nursing home is not a surprise for her family. Two weeks ago, during a 10-minute video call with relatives, she complained about the discomfort of having to stay in bed all day at the request of a doctor.

Hong’s second son, Alan Ho, 72, said: “My mother is grumpy and complaining constantly. If she can do that, I think she’s okay.”

Hong is one of 16 people at the Lee Ah Mooi nursing home, the area considered the Covid-19 epidemic cluster, and the government has issued a ban on visiting relatives at all nursing homes in Singapore.

Alan still remembers the fateful day when he was notified by the doctor that his mother was ill at 1am, less than 48 hours after he visited her. “I brought her some cookies and yogurt. She was healthy, even with me to drink coffee. I stayed with her for about 2 hours. As usual, she didn’t like me staying too long and told me to go home, “Mr. Ho shared.

During her days at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Ms. Hong had no breathing problems, no fever or cough and did not have to go to intensive care. Mr. Ho believes that strong immunity helped his mother win the virus.

“My mother is very stylish. She is old but very independent. She has hearing loss in her right ear but can hear it clearly with her left ear. Her eyesight is still good. Her only weakness is bone,” Ho said. .

4-5 years ago, Ms. Hong fell and broke her hip, had to have a hip replacement surgery. But she can walk around gently. People often ask Mr. Ho about his mother’s secret to a long and healthy life.

Mr. Ho said: “I told them that she did not smoke, did not eat fast food. She cooked most of her meals until she went to the nursing home. She sometimes enjoyed her favorite foods like noodles shrimp and lontong (rice cakes). She also likes durian, bak kwa (grilled pork) and coffee “.

Ho also believes that taking the stairs when living on the fourth floor for 55 years is also the secret to keeping her healthy.

Then Kim Yuan, manager at the nursing home Lee Ah Mooi, said: “She is independent and very strong even at the age of 102. She walks and takes a bath every day. A healthy lifestyle and wins over Covid -19 is a true testament to Mrs. Hong’s tenacity. “

Ms. Hong is one of the rare 100-year-old people around the world to fight with Covid-19. The oldest survivor is the old lady in the Netherlands, Cornelia Ras, 107, who has recovered after about 20 days.