The state of California declares a Coronavirus emergency

People flock to buy toilet paper at a Costco supermarket in California, USA. Photo: Reuters.
People flock to buy toilet paper at a Costco supermarket in California, USA. Photo: Reuters.

After the first recorded case of Covid-19 death in the state, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency to respond to the corona virus.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, California currently records 61 cases of Covid-19, including 30 cases in the Bay Area, where the population density is high and the concentration of large technology companies across the state.

Gavin Newsom said he had issued a state of emergency declaration in California to deal with the corona virus health crisis. The move will allow the state government to use emergency resources and add other resources to fight the virus.

California’s first death was also the first US death outside Washington state, where 10 people died.

The deceased, a patient with background diseases, had previously been isolated in a hospital. Officials believe the person was infected last month on a yacht traveling from San Francisco to Mexico.

Another worrying piece of information was a health worker, who was tasked with checking the body temperature of passengers at LAX airport – the busiest airport on the west coast, giving a positive result on the Covid test – 19. The most recent case of this employee at the airport is from February 21, and this person started having symptoms from February 29.

Most cases of corona virus infection in the United States occur in California, New York and Washington. The number of deaths so far is 11, including 10 in Washington state and 1 in California. The number of corona virus infections across the United States is 156.

The legislators in the bicameral have reached an agreement to provide a $ 8.3 billion emergency bailout package to support the fight against corona virus. The House of Representatives passed it on 4 April and the Senate will almost certainly approve it today.

Italian fashion brand Gucci canceled the show in San Francisco due to concerns over complicated developments in the epidemic situation in both Italy and the US.