The United States has a record number of deaths from Corona virus

The field hospital was set up in Central Park, New York, between the Covid-19 epidemic. Photo: Reuters.
The field hospital was set up in Central Park, New York, between the Covid-19 epidemic. Photo: Reuters.

CNN’s summary shows that the United States recorded at least 869 corona virus deaths on April 1, higher than any day since the outbreak.

According to CNN, so far a total of 4,703 deaths have been recorded in the US because of the corona virus. The number of people infected exceeds 200,000.

The place most heavily affected by the epidemic is New York. The state has 83,712 virus infections and 1,941 deaths. Among them, New York City recorded 45,707 cases of infection, 1,371 deaths.

President Donald Trump said on the same day that he would not issue an order to require people to stay at home nationwide, because the situation in each state is different.

“The states are different and I understand that Florida Governor, the great Ron DeSantis issued such an order today, which is great. But there are some states that are different. Some states have no problems. so, “said the president on the afternoon of 1/4.

Asked if the National Strategic Reserve was nearing depletion, the president said: “Yes, we are sending stuff directly to hospitals.”

“We don’t want to move it to the stockpile and then have to take it back later to the states and hospitals,” the president said. “We have asked the states, where there are large factories or other equipment, to use local factories, direct delivery to hospitals.”

Earlier, a US official told CNN that the National Strategic Reserve was moving the last batch of goods and the protective equipment in the warehouse was exhausted. The official added that stockpiles could not be the only source of protective equipment to protect against the epidemic, and states would have to find more from the market.

The president also said that understanding the “seriousness” of the new strain made him no longer compare it to flu like it did during the days of the new outbreak.

“I also looked at the spread – it spread so strongly. Nobody ever saw anything like this, a large number of people suddenly became infected with the virus, just because of the presence of someone,” the president said. to speak.