The United States ran out of emergency medical stockpiles

State health teams are in serious shortage of personal protective equipment. Photo: New York Times.
State health teams are in serious shortage of personal protective equipment. Photo: New York Times.

America’s emergency supplies of medical supplies have dried up to meet the urgent needs of states across the country battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

The federal government nearly drained its stock of emergency medical supplies such as masks, safety vests, and gloves, when state governors asked for personal protective equipment for health workers in the hospital, a government official said, the New York Times reported.

The official said the federal emergency management agency has delivered more than 11 million N95 masks, 5.2 million face masks, 22 million gloves and 7,140 breathing machines, depleting emergency supplies.

Although no personal protective equipment is left in the state stockpiles, the official said the federal government still has 9,400 ventilators ready to ship to the states. Depleted stockpiles forced the federal government to compete with states and private companies to buy additional medical equipment.

The governors of the states are continuing to try to find medical supplies for medical teams in hospitals filled with patients. “The only real hope for the states at this time is the ability of the federal government to provide,” Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State, said on April 1.

Governor Cuomo said it would discuss the powers of the National Defense Production Act, allowing the president to buy important equipment.

While President Donald Trump’s administration used the National Defense Production Act to prioritize the manufacture of ventilators, due to the complicated manufacturing process, Governor Cuomo said that this law should also be applied to the production of safety vests. , which is critical for protecting health workers from infection.


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