The US is the first country with more than 2,000 deaths a day

Many ambulances were outside Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York on April 10. Photo: New York Times.
Many ambulances were outside Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York on April 10. Photo: New York Times.

The United States became the first country to record more than 2,000 corona virus deaths in a day, when 2,108 died in the past 24 hours, according to statistics from John Hopkins University.

The total number of deaths in the US has risen to 18,568, and closely follows the figure of 18,849 deaths of the world’s leading country, Italy, as early as April 11.

The United States is also about to reach nearly half a million cases of Covid-19, with 496,535 cases, as of April 11. In the past 24 hours, the country has had 35,098 more cases.

After a delay in large-scale testing, the United States stepped up production of the test kit and tested nearly 2.5 million people, according to AFP.

Although the number of deaths per day in the United States remains at a record high, the number of new infections is declining in strict blockades, giving signs of hope.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said the number of deaths was a record number of infections and hospitalizations from the previous weeks, which did not pass later.

New York State on April 10 recorded 777 new deaths, down slightly from the previous record of 799 cases – bringing the total number of corona virus deaths in the state to 7,844.

New York was the epicenter of the United States, and the developments in New York and the effectiveness of the blockade were closely monitored by other states.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly said in daily press conferences that the epidemic elsewhere may orbit like New York, but will peak after New York, at different times.

In New York, the number of hospital admissions fell for the third day in a row, to 359, the lowest since March 20. On April 10, an important indicator for the first positive sign: the number of patients in intensive care (ICU) throughout New York state decreased by 17 compared to the previous day.

Mr. Cuomo said 17 may be small, but significant, as just last week, the number of ICU patients increased by 300 per day. Still, the governor said it was not time to end the blockade.

He emphasized the need to be cautious of the next step despite developments, to “flatten epidemic peaks”. “I don’t want a second or third wave,” he said.


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