The USS Theodore Roosevelt has 550 positive Covid-19 cases

USS Theodore Roosevelt. Photo: US Navy.
USS Theodore Roosevelt. Photo: US Navy.

An additional 103 cases of Covid-19 infection were detected on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. Nearly 4,000 sailors were also evacuated from the ship.

The US Navy on April 11 confirmed 103 more cases of corona virus infection on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections aboard to 550, CBS reported.

“To this day, 92% of USS Theodore Roosevelt’s sailors have been tested for Covid-19. 550 people were positive and 3,673 were negative,” the Navy said in a press release on November 11. / 4.

3,696 sailors were also brought ashore, including 518 people who were removed from the ship on April 10, according to the US Navy.

In the new guidelines issued on April 10, the U.S. Navy said individuals identified positive or possibly infected with Covid-19 would be isolated and evacuated from the ship if there were more serious symptoms.

The Navy added that “most Covid-19 patients have mild symptoms and can stay on board. They will be monitored until the criteria for returning to work are met.”

The disease situation on the ship was noticed after Captain Brett Crozier wrote a warning letter and pleaded for help.

This letter was later published by the newspaper, causing fierce controversy in the US.

Navy Minister Thomas Modly at the time said that Mr. Crozier did not report to the commander directly but revealed the incident to the media. After that, Mr. Modly gave Mr. Crozier to leave the position of commander of Theodore Roosevelt.

In a speech on April 6, Modly said that Crozier was “too naive or too stupid” to command the ship if he didn’t think his letter would be made public. The speech sparked protests from sailors and members of parliament. A few days later, Mr. Modly also announced his resignation.


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