The world has 9.3 million infections, Putin acknowledged the consequences of Covid-19

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: TASS)
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: TASS)

The Covid-19 pandemic spread endlessly over the past 24 hours, infecting 9.34 million people and claiming the lives of nearly 479,000 victims worldwide.

According to global statistics site Worldometers, as of 6am on 24/6, the disease continues to be present in 213 countries and territories around the world. The number of recovery cases reached over 5 million.

The United States suffered the most, with more than 2.4 million positive cases and nearly 123,500 deaths. Meanwhile, Brazil still faces unpredictable developments and dangerous spread of disease. The country recorded more than 1.15 million people infected and nearly 52,800 deaths.

Overall, the Covid-19 epidemic is moving to Latin America but is concerned about the risk of a second outbreak emerging in many Asian countries. In Europe, Covid-19 continued to reduce pressure, helping the policy of easing the blockade, restoring economic activities and opening the border more favorable.

Putin asked to support the Russian economy

In a statement to the entire Russian people, President Vladimir Putin determined that the country’s economy could not return to full operation after anti-Covid-19 measures were gradually removed.

Recognizing the rising unemployment rate, the Russian leader called for a support package for the economy and the people, asking the Government and Central Bank of Russia to take steps to ensure the recovery of the job market. like before the crisis, even better.

President Putin proposed increasing the income tax from 13% to 15% for people with income of more than 5 million rubles / year (72,833 USD) since January 1, 2021, to be able to bring an additional 60 billion rubles to the budget. Russia.

In addition, he proposed reducing corporate tax for information technology (IT) companies from 20% to 3% in an unlimited time, so that Russia has a more attractive business environment than countries like India. and Ireland.

Thailand is about to open a school

Schools across Thailand have begun adjusting classrooms, cafeterias and play areas to welcome students back in stages.

In some places, students are trained to practice hygiene, wear masks and shields, check the temperature and keep a safe distance.

Thailand plans to open schools earlier than many other countries in the region because of low infection rates. To date, the country has recorded 3,156 positive cases, an increase of 5 cases in the past 24 hours, and 58 deaths.

Disease outbreaks in Indonesia and the Philippines have not cooled down

Meanwhile, the disease situation in Indonesia and the Philippines has not shown signs of abating.

With more than 1,000 positive cases on June 23, the list of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia is currently approximately 48,000. The number of deaths exceeded 2,500.

The Philippines also recorded more than 1,100 new cases over the same period, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections to nearly 32,000 patients, with nearly 1,200 deaths.