The world has more than 7.7 million cases, 427,479 deaths from Covid-19

The Brazilian leader wore a mask and used dry hand sanitizer in case of Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.
The Brazilian leader wore a mask and used dry hand sanitizer in case of Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.

The world now has more than 7.7 million people with Covid-19. The United States, Brazil, and India are the places with the most deaths from Covid-19 patients.

The Worldometer global statistics page updates the situation of Covid-19 at 5:45 am on June 13, 2020 (Vietnam time) as follows: The world recorded 7,719,032 cases of Covid-19 and 427,479 deaths due to the disease. this. There were 3,913,648 Covid-19 patients recovering.

In nearly 24 hours, the world increased by 133,933 cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus that caused Covid-19 disease and an additional 4,393 deaths from this pandemic.

According to the new Worldometer data table, the top 10 countries in the world for SARS-CoV-2 cases are: (1) USA, (2) Brazil, (3) Russia, (4) India, ( 5) England, (6) Spain, (7) Italy, (8) Peru, (9) Germany, and (10) Iran.

So compared to 2 days ago, India has surpassed both England and Spain to advance from 6 to 4 on this list. India has 30,603 cases of Covid-19 (an increase of 11,320 cases in nearly 24 hours), while the UK recorded 292,950 cases (only an increase of 1,541 cases in the same period as India). .

Meanwhile, the 10 countries with the most Covid-19 deaths in the world include: (1) USA, (2) Brazil, (3) England, (4) Italy, (5) France, (6) Spain, (7) Mexico, (8) Belgium, (9) India, and (10) Germany. The new Indian nation is in the sad top 10.

There are 7 countries appearing on both lists simultaneously, namely: USA, Brazil, India, UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Thus, both the United States and Brazil now rank first and second on both lists. The United States has 2,115,595 Covid-19 patients and 116,795 deaths from the disease. The corresponding figures of Brazil are 828,810 and 41,828 in the context of the current Brazilian President advocating to soon eliminate social gap. Both North America and South America are now the world’s largest Covid-19 outbreaks.

In Europe, Sweden has surpassed the Netherlands in terms of Covid-19 cases, although the Swedish population is only about half of the Dutch population. Currently, Sweden has 49,684 people with Covid-19 and 4,884 deaths from acute respiratory infections. This fact adds to the skepticism of Sweden’s “gentle” approach to dealing with Covid-19.

In Southeast Asia, the countries where Covid-19 patients died include 7 countries: Indonesia (2,048 deaths), Philippines (1,052), Malaysia (119), Thailand (58), Singapore (25), Myanmar (6), and Brunei (2).

To date, the Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected 213 countries and territories around the globe./.