There are 70 types of COVID-19 vaccines developed in the world

According to the World Health Organization – WHO, globally there are currently up to 70 vaccines to prevent SARS-CoV-2 virus from developing COVID-19, of which 3 types of US and China are under clinical trials. on body.

According to Bloomberg News, the race to develop the COVID-19 vaccine is taking place at an unprecedented pace as the pharmaceutical industry is hoping to shorten the standards needed to bring the vaccine to market. If approved, the corona virus vaccine could be marketed within a year or so instead of the usual 10-15-year procedure.

Researching and creating a successful vaccine takes a lot of effort and time including 2 main stages: preclinical and clinical trials. The preclinical stage is the laboratory research phase to create a number of “candidates” that can develop into vaccines.

WHO says the number of vaccines developed has more than tripled in less than 30 days. The farthest in the clinical course is a vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics, registered in Hong Kong and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. This vaccine has been approved to perform the 2nd phase of clinical trials in humans.

The clinical trial phase is divided into 4 phases with the number of participants increasing at each stage. After passing stage 3, the vaccine can be commercialized in stage 4 and continues to be monitored in a large community to ensure safety and effectiveness for many years thereafter.

CanSino said it was approved by authorities in China to begin testing the vaccine on humans last month.

Two other vaccines are currently being tested on humans, including vaccines from the US pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Inovio Enterprises.

Moderna, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, was allowed to quickly switch to human trials in March 2020, bypassing many years of animal testing, which was the standard in development. vaccines.