Tips weight loss oats recipes fast, safe and effective

Tips weight loss oats recipes fast, safe and effective
Tips weight loss oats recipes fast, safe and effective

Tips weight loss oats recipes fast, safe and effective. Oats are a very nutritious food for the body. It is especially nutritious in that it provides all kinds of substances necessary for daily activities.

Also, oats contain no harmful fats, which can cause obesity. Therefore, using oats to weight loss is also a way for women to get in shape soon.

Oat plant overview

Oat plant overview
Oat plant overview

Many customers wonder about the origins of oats and the true effectiveness of this cup. Why are they so popular in European countries?

Oats are considered a food crop, providing the necessary starch for the human body. In the past, oatmeal was most commonly used as a part of porridge, bread, cakes or dry food to eat daily. And the trunk is used as food for herbivores such as cows, calves, goats, etc.

According to historical studies, oats come from Eastern Europe, which has a stable and moderate climate. However, it was not until the thirteenth century that people used oats in meals and gradually became an essential food in daily life.

European women who eat a lot of oats also gradually discover their beauty benefits. They crushed oats to apply the face and the effect is extremely good. Especially eating oats regularly also helps the body always slim, toned physique and no residual fat.

Because oats are very low in fat, they contain a lot of soluble fiber that does not cause stagnation or build up of excess nutrients in the body. Especially plants are easy to grow, just cool weather and enough moisture to grow well.

Using oats for weight loss is very effective. This type of wheat has an extremely high amount of fiber, much higher than the amount of fiber found in vegetables. In addition, the calories in oats are low, even if you eat well, you do not worry about weight gain.

Why oats help with weight loss?

Why oats help with weight loss?
Why oats help with weight loss?

Oats are known to be a common form of cereal grain. Therefore, many women are skeptical when they hear about oat slimming. Is it really good and effective?

In fact, eating oatmeal for weight loss involves using oatmeal substances to burn fat. Eating oats is inherently high in fiber so it can make the body less hungry.

Particularly for eating oats to lose weight, the situation of excess calories will no longer occur. At the same time, fiber helps the digestive system work more efficiently, eliminating the excess from the body. Besides, fiber also makes you feel full longer and reduce cravings.

Nutrition facts in oats

To help you see the weight loss effect of eating oats on a regular basis, look at the following table of ingredients:

In 100g of oats has a calorie content of:

  • 348 calories, 8.8g water, 15g protein, about 6g soluble fat and 57.7g carbohydrate (also known as starch).
  • 11g fiber of B vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, beta-glucans, … with just enough content.

With this perfect ratio (starch is no fat), you absolutely can rest assured that eating oats instead of rice will help provide enough nutrients but also improve physique quickly.

Oatmeal weight loss good kind?

Weight loss with oats is great, but choosing the right type of oat for weight loss is not easy.

Commercially available oatmeal packs are difficult to control. Because most of them are instant oats with reduced additives to make them easier to eat.

At that time, the above table of components is no longer accurate. You will have difficulty keeping track of your calorie intake when consumed.

To lose weight, experts recommend using whole oats and grinding or buying your own 100% pure oatmeal. Better yet, choose wholemeal flour to benefit the body.

Harm of oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for the body, but in some cases it should not be used. Because oats are packed with protein and nutrients, people who have problems with the thyroid, have gout, or need to get rid of their protein should not use them.

If used in the long term will make the disease worse, you need to consider before using.

And there are a few cases of stomach or digestive system should not be used too much because oatmeal will be full for long, easy to cause the feeling of bloating, flatulence, discomfort.

Is oats good to replace rice?

Is oats good to replace rice?
Is oats good to replace rice?

Considered a food staple, oats are much better than rice, and can even completely replace rice in your daily meal. Doing so will make your weight loss more effective.

Why? Because oats in there up to 66% starch, accompanied by large amounts of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber when in the body has the effect of eliminating food consumption, turning into energy and processing the leftovers, excreting out of the body. At the same time they turn into a gel located in the stomach, making you feel full for a long time, avoiding overeating causing you to gain weight.

Therefore, you can absolutely use oats instead of rice without worrying about any health problems.

Types of oats for weight loss

Whole oats

Whole oats are the form you use when you have just harvested and removed the skin. So much more nutrients than other types of oats. However, if you want to cook porridge, you need to give more water and cook longer because the grain is very hard and chewy.

Chopped oats

Cut oats will be rolled and shredded like canned grains on the market. Looking with the naked eye, you will see granules, ranging in size from grapefruit seed size to crushed like rice bran. This type is easier to eat, you can roast as snacks against hunger or porridge will cook faster than whole oats above.

Rolled oatmeal

Flour or rolled oats have a characteristic yellowish-white color. This powder is used to cook porridge, make soups or put on weight loss dishes instead of starch.

You can even use it to cover your face with yogurt, chicken eggs, … skin extremely effectively.

Where to buy oats?

Although not widely grown in many places, oats are easy to find. You can find it right at the grocery store, in supermarkets or shopping centers. Although the product is not diverse, it can still be used to cook into many weight-loss dishes.

A small note for you is that when buying should pay attention to packaging, labels as well as checking the organic product. True, fresh oats will have a faint aroma of starch, a slightly ivory white is very regular and beautiful. You need to pay attention to the skill of choosing oats so that it is correct.

How to oats weight loss in 1 month

In fact, eating oats for weight loss is quite simple. You only need to replace one or more meals a day with oats.

However, it is very easy to get bored of eating one dish over many days. You should immediately refer to the oat processing below to facilitate the selection or change every day.

Delicious oatmeal porridge helps to weight loss quickly

Delicious oatmeal porridge helps to weight loss quickly
Delicious oatmeal porridge helps to weight loss quickly

The most popular form of cooking is to make oatmeal porridge because it is easy to eat.

Do the following:

  • Get about 150g of dried oats, broken grain form, not too fine powder.
  • Boil 400ml and then add oats.
  • Stir and then cook continuously for 5-7 minutes. Then turn off the heat and continue to stir.
  • Divide into 3 portions and eat at meals throughout the day.

If you’re afraid the weather is too hot to damage porridge, you should box it and put it in the refrigerator. Eat until meal time, then take out to use.

Detailed menu for each meal:

  • Breakfast: After getting up and exercising, take a 10-minute break and drink a full glass of water (about 350ml of water). Rest then eat oatmeal porridge, with 1 cup of milk, 1 egg.
  • Lunch: Eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge combined with unsweetened yogurt. Eat 1 more lean roasted meat or processed chicken breast as you like.
  • Dinner: Eat the remaining oatmeal porridge with a fruit salad to fill it up.

In addition, if you feel too hungry, you can eat more snacks during the day from nuts, fruits. Note choosing low-fat and calorie foods for the body.

Weight loss with oats and sweet potatoes

Weight loss with oats and sweet potatoes
Weight loss with oats and sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a very good food for weight loss but extremely easy to find in many places.

Sweet and sweet potatoes are easy to eat, but especially succulent but not too nutritious. The sweetness of sweet potatoes is natural, the actual glycemic index is low.

Moreover, due to the sweetness of sweet potatoes, the calories consumed are not much. Especially contain more fiber should eat sweet potatoes feel full, good for the digestive system and excretory system.

With sweet potatoes you can eat alternating with oatmeal to reduce boredom. For example, eat sweet potatoes in the morning and porridge in the evening. Add milk, vegetables as you like.

There is also a recipe for oatmeal smoothies instead of breakfast that you need to know.

How to make oat sweet potato smoothies?

Step 1: Take about 2 tablespoons of pure fine oatmeal. Dissolve with sufficient filter water. Then add 50ml of boiling water to form a paste, doing so to make the oats ripen and melt evenly.

Step 2: For sweet potatoes washed, cut small pieces. If you like to eat raw, place the potatoes into the mash. Otherwise, the main boil will be easier to eat and no longer taste the sweet potato.

Step 3: Add the sweet potato, cooked oatmeal to the blender, add enough water or milk. Should choose fresh milk without sugar is best. Puree and use immediately, or refrigerate the refrigerator during the day.

This oat smoothie, like cereal, has a slightly sweet flavor that is easy to eat. You can completely change meals during the day if you do not feel tired or uncomfortable when used regularly.

Weight loss with oats and unsweetened milk

Weight loss with oats and unsweetened milk
Weight loss with oats and unsweetened milk

Oats combined with fresh, unsweetened milk every morning are considered to be the “perfect breakfast” for days to start losing weight.

Oatmeal may make it difficult to eat and tired from lack of substance. Therefore, adding a 350ml glass of milk will increase the nutritional value of the meal. The body is provided with a standard amount of calories will not feel tired anymore.

This does not mean that eating oatmeal with fresh milk has no effect on weight loss. You should understand the mechanism of action of the body when eating oats to lose weight as follows:

  • For the average person, the standard calorie supply is about 2000 calories a day. But for people with a higher weight, it requires a lot more calories.
  • So putting breakfast on oats and unsweetened milk is cutting back on calories.
  • The body wants to withstand the need to burn fat accumulated inside. Convert fat into calories to create energy for daily activities. This means that weight will reduce and body shape will be improved.

Weight loss with fresh oats

Fresh oats will keep the nutritional content intact. Vitamins and minerals are not changed like when dried or in powder form.

If you like to use fresh oats to lose weight, we recommend you to grind oat smoothies. Blend with water or fresh milk without sugar. Then combine with the fruit drink extremely nutritious and delicious.

Should combine the types of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, … is more reasonable.

Weight loss with oats and yogurt

Weight loss with oats and yogurt
Weight loss with oats and yogurt

Oats and yogurt can be eaten separately (1 cup of oatmeal and 1 cup of unsweetened yogurt) or smoothed into a meal during the day when following a strict diet.

The acids and probiotics in yogurt will help increase resistance and minimize fatigue during weight loss over the long term. At the same time help the digestive system function healthy, quickly eliminate excess calories, avoid accumulating the body.

Another way to combine oats and yogurt is to make instant salads. The simple recipe is made from oatmeal, unsweetened yogurt and fresh fruits.

Fresh fruits you choose succulent, effective weight loss such as bananas, pineapple, apples, blueberries, …

Cut the fruits into small pieces, mix in the dissolved oatmeal bowl and mix well. Then add yogurt without sugar is ready to use.

Weight loss with oats and eggs

Weight loss with oats and eggs
Weight loss with oats and eggs

Eggs, especially chicken eggs, are considered to be extremely effective foods to reduce fat. Chicken eggs appear in every menu pressed muscle, weight loss menu of any regimen.

Combined with oatmeal or can cook egg breakfast porridge.

Boil oats boiling as usual, before turning off the stove you break 1 egg into the island. See boiling again off immediately.

Particularly with oatmeal porridge with eggs, it is best to eat right when it is hot, cool down to have a fishy taste that reduces your appetite.

Weight loss with oats and bananas

Weight loss with oats and bananas
Weight loss with oats and bananas

The next recipe to mention is choosing oats and bananas for weight loss.

Bananas are always the name of the fruit when your name is mentioned when it comes to healthy foods. With the fiber, vitamins in bananas, combined with low sugar and almost zero fat, using bananas to lose weight is both safe and effective.

Designing a meal with bananas is the same as with chicken eggs, you eat 1-2 bananas at each oatmeal meal to improve the taste.

There is also an extremely interesting dish is made from bananas and oats are cakes. Delicious, crunchy banana cookies are great for weight loss throughout the day.

Materials needed:

  • 225g oatmeal
  • 2 pureed bananas
  • 200g all-purpose flour
  • 200g sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 170g of margarine
  • Chocolate chips, cinnamon powder, baking powder and salt

If you want to follow a strict weight loss regime, you can completely cut down on sugar in the recipe.


  • Mix flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, sugar and mix well then sieve through sieve to mix well.
  • Combine butter, eggs, oatmeal and bananas with an electric whisk, beat until smooth and smooth.
  • Add the flour mixture to an oatmeal egg bowl and mix well. Add each to the baking sheet, sprinkle chocolate chips on top and place in the oven.
  • Bake at 170-175 degrees for 15 minutes and cook until golden, then turn off the oven and remove the finished product.

This oat cookie can be eaten as a snack or as a substitute for breakfast throughout the day. Drinking 1 cup of unsweetened milk is extremely delicious and nutritious. Surely you will not be bored as porridge anymore, right?

Weight loss of oats and chia seeds

Chia seeds are very nutritious for the body, easy to eat, eat for a long time so extremely effective weight loss support.

Usage is very simple. When you cook oatmeal, add 3-4 tablespoons of chia and stir well, then eat as usual.

Chia has no flavor, so you do not need to worry about the difficulty of eating when adding chia to oatmeal.

Some experience effective weight loss with oats

  • Depending on the recipe you should choose the right type of oats.
  • Lose weight no matter what formula you need to combine exercise and appropriate exercise.
  • When losing weight, you should minimize greasy dishes, stimulating beverages such as coffee, alcohol, beer, stimulants.
  • Get enough vegetables, tubers, drink enough 2 liters of water a day to stay healthy.

Knowing the rules as well as the above formula, you will quickly reduce the weight you want. Wish you have a nice body.