United Kingdom surpassed 50,000 deaths due to COVID-19

A plaque invites people to wear masks in the center of London, England on 8-6 - Photo: AFP
A plaque invites people to wear masks in the center of London, England on 8-6 - Photo: AFP

UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma cited an analysis from the National Statistics Office (ONS) on June 9, showing the number of deaths, including suspected and confirmed cases, as COVID-19 in the United Kingdom exceeded 50,000.

AFP news agency said the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) has counted all the mentioned or suspected deaths related to COVID-19 in the death certificate since the outbreak began in the United Kingdom. to May 29.

The exact statistic for these cases is 50,107 people died from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the official number of the British government (counting only those who have tested positive for the new strain of corona virus) is now 40,883 (as of the end of June 8), an increase of 286 cases compared to the day. before.

In any case, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the UK is still the highest in Europe and the second highest in the world, after the US.

ONS data shows that deaths in England and Wales exceeded the average of five years ago, reaching 57,961 cases within 10 weeks of the outbreak in the kingdom in March.

Despite the reported figures, Mr. Sharma said that the mortality rate and COVID-19 infection are decreasing and that the UK could relax more blockade measures, introduced in March to combat the epidemic.

According to Sharma, all non-essential stores in the UK can be reopened from June 15 as long as they meet the safety and health guidelines.

“This is the latest step to carefully restart our economy,” Sharma said.

Despite this, Minister Sharma said that the UK must maintain a distance of 2m once the shops reopen. Mr. Sharma does not intend to reopen bars and restaurants until at least July 4.

In addition, the UK government also envisages a June 10 decision to reopen zoos and safari parks, as part of the plan. gradually easing the blockade measures. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the official to announce this announcement.

“We hope that reopening the zoo and safari park will give families more options to get out and support the animal care industry,” a Downing Street official said.

Source: https://behecare.com/