Unusual funerals in Indonesia raise fears of actual deaths from Covid-19

The funeral of a patient infected with corona virus in Jakarta. Photo: Reuters.
The funeral of a patient infected with corona virus in Jakarta. Photo: Reuters.

The number of funerals held in Jakarta in March is so unusual that Indonesia’s regional governor fears the actual number of corona virus deaths is actually higher.

According to Reuters records based on figures from the Jakarta Department of Parks and Cemeteries, nearly 4,400 funerals have been conducted in the past month.

This number increased nearly 40% compared to any month over the past 2 years, from January 2018 – 3/2020. The second highest number of funerals in the same period was in March 2019, less than 3,100 funerals.

Jakarta is the focus of the corona virus outbreak in Indonesia. Up to April 3, 971 cases with 90 deaths were recorded by government health agencies, accounting for nearly half of the statistics nationwide.

Governor Anies Baswedan and some Indonesian public health experts suspect the number of reported infections and deaths in Jakarta is significantly lower than the actual situation. Indonesia is rated as one of the countries with the lowest test rate in the world, according to Reuters.

“This number is very worrisome. I find it hard to find any reason other than the fact that the number of Covid-19 deaths is statistically lacking,” Governor Baswedan told Reuters on April 3, regarding the number. unusually high funeral.

The Governor’s Office of Jakarta said there were 438 suspected cases of Covid-19 infection but had not been confirmed between March 6 and February 4. Funeral organizers were asked to spray disinfectants and wrap the dead in plastic bags instead of shrouds in accordance with Islamic customs.

Indonesian health authorities and President Joko Widodo’s spokesperson have not officially commented on the data.

Data from the Jakarta Parks and Cemetery Department does not specify the cause of death. However, in the recent time, the Indonesian capital region did not record any other epidemic outbreaks or natural disasters.

Indonesia has a population of more than 260 million, but as of last week only 7,621 tests were conducted.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health on April 4 confirmed that the total number of nationwide infections was 2,092, with the number of deaths being 191. Indonesia is the second-highest recorded place of Covid-19 deaths in Asia, after China. Mainland China.

Source: https://behecare.com/