US CDC laboratory infection causes virus test kits to be corrupted

Two CDC laboratories violated medical standards, causing the test kits to be contaminated. Photo: AP.
Two CDC laboratories violated medical standards, causing the test kits to be contaminated. Photo: AP.

The negligent use of two CDC laboratories has prevented many test kits from producing accurate results during the early outbreaks of the disease in the United States.

According to the New York Times, the US federal health official on April 18 confirmed that the use of the Laboratory of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not comply with the safety standards that caused the situation. infection, which makes the initial corona virus testing ineffective.

Specifically, two of CDC’s three laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia, which produces corona virus test kits, violated medical and manufacturing standards. This led the test sets that the two laboratories sent to nearly 100 medical facilities across the US to not work, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said.

Professor Timothy Stenzel, FDA expert at testing operations at CDC facilities, said he had witnessed the “surprisingly” unprofessional commercial production process, and no one was responsible for the whole. set of processes.

The FDA said it discovered many problems from researchers entering and leaving the lab without changing protective clothing. Notably, testing of test kit components was conducted in the same place where corona-positive specimens were treated. This condition made the test kit sent to medical facilities unstable, because they were infected with corona virus and gave unreliable results.

Scott Becker, executive director of the American Community Laboratories Association, said medical laboratories have been accepting CDC test suites since February 7. In just a few days, many establishments reflected the status of test kits giving inaccurate results.

During the early outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, CDC was the agency responsible for the production of laboratory equipment to screen people for corona virus. After erroneous conclusions, the FDA forced CDC to transfer production rights to private companies.