US General said ‘inconclusive’ virus is a Chinese weapon

US Army Chief of Staff Council President Mark Milley talked about the corona virus in the White House on April 1. Photo: AP.
US Army Chief of Staff Council President Mark Milley talked about the corona virus in the White House on April 1. Photo: AP.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was impossible to conclude that the Covid-19 virus originated in a Chinese laboratory.

A senior US general said evidence of corona virus originating from a Chinese laboratory “has yet to reach a conclusion”, according to the South China Morning Post.

Earlier, a report released two years ago showed US officials had warned about safety at a research facility in Wuhan City.

“Many of our intelligence agencies have considered this issue,” General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on April 15. “At this time, no conclusions can be drawn, although the evidence seems to suggest that the virus is of natural origin. But we are still not sure. ”

The comments came hours after the Washington Post reported that US officials were concerned about a laboratory in Wuhan conducting research on the bat corona virus.

According to the report, U.S. officials who visited the laboratory sent diplomatic telegrams in January 2018 to Washington to warn of the safety and regulatory weaknesses at the lab.

They also warned the lab studying corona virus on bats could lead to the risk of a new pandemic like SARS.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Paul Friedrichs, a medical officer in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dismissed the idea that Covid-19 originated in a laboratory working on biological weapons.

“Let me be clear, nothing like that,” said Friedrichs, medical adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on April 6.

“Someone asked if I was worried. That is not what worries me. I think, you know, right now what we care about is how to treat people who are sick and how to prevent people from getting sick. But I’m not worried this is a biological weapon, ”Mr. Friedrichs said.

American and Chinese officials blamed each other for the source of the virus that caused Covid-19. However, much of the research so far has been working on which viruses are naturally derived from bats, and may rely on an unknown intermediate host to jump to humans. A recent new assumption is that the virus was spread between people long before the outbreak.

The study, conducted by scientists from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, published in the journal Nature Medicine on March 17, said it was likely that the early version of SARS-CoV-2 had spread. people long ago.

Accordingly, this early version developed genetic traits through adaptation in the silent infection from person to person. Once these characteristics have been developed, the virus adaptation process leads to an outbreak with the number of cluster infections large enough for the surveillance system to detect.

As of April 14, the US recorded at least 605,000 cases of Covid-19 with 25,757 deaths, according to CNN. The number of newly discovered cases is about 11,600 cases and more than 2,129 daily deaths nationwide, the highest number of the United States from the beginning of the epidemic.

California also became the next state with a record high number of infections. The state recorded 1,544 new infections on April 14, the highest number since the outbreak.

The number of confirmed Covid-19 infections globally has also exceeded the 2,000,000 mark along with nearly 130,000 deaths.


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