US mistakenly discharged a patient infected with Coronavirus in Texas

US mistakenly discharged a patient infected with Coronavirus in Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mistook a patient with a new strain of Coronavirus from the isolation ward of the San Antonio City Infectious Diseases Center, Texas.

Mr. Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antonio City, said in a press release that the patient was removed from the quarantine area at a local health care facility on February 29 because the patient had a negative result. with corona virus after two tests.

However, after the waiting period, patients had to return to isolation due to laboratory tests that later tested positive for corona virus, according to ABC News.

“The fact that the US Centers for Disease Control allows people to come into contact with patients who test positive for Covid-19 is unacceptable,” Mayor Nirenberg said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is re-examining the patient. The man was isolated and treated for several weeks after returning from the Wuhan epidemic in China to the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control says that at the time of discharge, the patient has no symptoms of infection and meets all the criteria for discharge.

However, after discharge, further specimen test results showed that the patient was weak positive for corona virus. As a precaution, the Centers for Disease Control decided to bring patients back into isolation.

This person has been in contact with some other people when he or she is out of the quarantine. Health officials are monitoring suspects and notifying them of the risk of infection.

The Centers for Disease Control said there were a number of similar cases, in which the test results were negative and positive for the corona virus that changed alternately with the tests.

This is why patients must have two negative test results for patient samples taken more than 24 hours apart.


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