US officials: corona virus is quickly destroyed under sunlight

Corona virus is quickly destroyed in the sun. Photo: AFP.
Corona virus is quickly destroyed in the sun. Photo: AFP.

According to research published by a senior US official on April 23, the corona virus will be quickly eliminated in the sun, giving hope that the summer will reduce the spread of the virus.

William Bryan, science and technology adviser to the US Department of Homeland Security, told reporters at the White House that government scientists have discovered that ultraviolet rays have a powerful effect on corona viruses.

“Our most remarkable observation so far is that the sun seems to have a powerful effect on killing viruses, both on surfaces and in the air,” Bryan said, according to AFP.

“We also observed that temperature and humidity have similar effects. High temperatures or humidity, or both, are often unfavorable for viruses, ”he said. The report he presented was the result of an experiment conducted at the National Center for Biological Analysis and Response to the US National Laboratory.

The study found that with temperatures between 21-24 degrees Celsius and 20% humidity, corona viruses that live on surfaces like door handles and stainless steel will die in half after 18 hours.

Meanwhile, when humidity increases to 80%, corona virus can die in half after only 6 hours and only after 2 minutes if more sunlight.

And in the condition of temperature from 21-24 degrees C and 20% humidity, corona virus in particles in the air will die in half after 1 hour. If there is more sunlight, the time is reduced to only 1.5 minutes.

Therefore, Mr. Bryan concluded that summer weather conditions “will create a favorable environment to reduce the spread of corona virus”.

But he also warned that reducing the spread does not mean that the pathogen will be completely eliminated and social spacing guidelines should not be completely removed.

“If we say that we see that the summer will completely eliminate the virus and that people ignore the instructions, it will be irresponsible,” said Bryan.