US supermarket chain sells limited masks, sterilized water

Notice at supermarket website. Photo: Kroger.
Notice at supermarket website. Photo: Kroger.

Six people died, more than 100 cases of new strains of Coronavirus in 13 states in the US led people to flock to supermarkets to scoop up supplies.

According to Business Insider, on March 2, Kroger – the largest traditional supermarket chain in the US with more than 2,700 stores – posted a message that customers will only be allowed to buy up to 5 products with some disinfectant and anti-influenza items.

“Due to rising demand, customers will only be allowed to purchase up to 5 hygiene and health related products in each order,” Kroger said.

The current limit only applies to online orders. The supermarket website does not provide further details on which products will be restricted from purchase.

Business Insider said the situation of burning masks and medical products occurred on many supermarkets across the US, after the new strain of corona virus spread in 13 states.

Recently, Health Minister Alex Azar said the US needs at least 300 million masks to serve its medical staff in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.