Weight loss with banana diet recipe fast, effective and safe at home

Weight loss with banana diet recipe fast, effective and safe at home
Weight loss with banana diet recipe fast, effective and safe at home

Weight loss with banana diet recipe fast, effective and safe at home. A lot of people are asking the question of what is banana? Eat bananas to lose weight, right?

Because bananas have a lot of nutrients, eating them improperly will cause more fat. However, there are people who apply bananas to lose up to 3 pounds in a week. In the end what is the correct answer?

Can eating bananas help you lose weight?

Banana are nutritious, low-cost, easy-to-find fruits, so they’re popular. Because of that, many people want to use bananas daily to lose weight.

Bananas contain carbohydrate compounds that help you reduce hunger. Only a banana and a cup of warm water can fill you up for a long time.

Eating bananas with weight loss as rumored?
Eating bananas with weight loss as rumored?

This helps directly reduce the amount of calories absorbed into the body. If you reduce the calories to a lower level than the calories consumed, you will certainly lose weight quickly.

In addition, bananas do not cause intestinal alcohol like many other weight loss foods. So, you can comfortably eat bananas without having to worry about complications after weight loss.

What kind of banana is used to weight loss fast?

When weight loss, there is an immutable rule, which is to choose less nutritious – lots of water – to eat full.

This is to reduce nutrient intake, consume excess fat for rapid weight loss. With this explanation, choose bananas and green bananas instead of bananas to lose weight.

This is completely understandable by:

West banana are lower in calories than Cavendish bananas

Same is the same banana 100g, West bananas provide only 66Kcalo. In Cavendish bananas it is 92kcal.

This difference is enough to choose West bananas to lose weight instead of Cavendish bananas.

Moreover, the levels in West bananas are much lower. The amount of sugar, potassium or calcium are moderate, easier for the body to absorb and break down.

This helps limit the excess when accidentally eating too many bananas during the day.

Green bananas have almost zero sugar content

Same as bananas, but green bananas contain very little sugar, and also have abundant fiber. Therefore, green bananas are especially suitable for weight loss.

Green bananas contain vitamin B6. This is the ingredient that helps to convert blood sugar efficiently.

You will no longer have to worry about too much sugar causing weight gain anymore.

Some ways to weight loss with bananas quickly and effectively

Bananas are an easy-to-eat fruit that do not cause side effects. Therefore, bananas are applied to many weight loss formulas, giving extremely high efficiency.

Eat boiled bananas to lose weight

Eating boiled bananas helps to lose weight quickly
Eating boiled bananas helps to lose weight quickly

Green bananas or ripe bananas are suitable for boiling to lose weight. The boiling of bananas is to reduce the amount of sugar in the bananas. Green bananas are better off, have less bananas.

As such, boiling up bananas will help you eat more without being afraid of sickness.

Do the following:

  • Choose 2-3 beautiful bananas, not crushed.
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water.
  • Cut off the head of the banana and steep the brine for 15-20 minutes. Doing so will reduce the bananas and remove the toxins from the outside.
  • Put the bananas in the pan. Fill the water with water and cover and bring to a boil.
  • Cook continuously for 5-15 minutes. Try using a fork to see if the bananas are cooked.
  • If you see the bananas are soft then remove them, peeled and eat immediately.

To make bananas easier to eat, choose fruits with more flour and full of meat. Should choose a little old bananas, the use will increase much.

Weight loss with green bananas for unexpected effects

Choose green bananas to weight loss
Choose green bananas to weight loss

In addition to how to boil green bananas to lose weight, there are many other ways to achieve the same effect.

You can add green bananas to puree for drinking water or into the freezer to use. The simple method is to strip the outer shell of the green skin and add it to the salt.

After soaking for 10-15 minutes, cut into small pieces. Put in to boil for 3 minutes then take out and drain, then puree to be used.

In addition, baking is also a very effective way. You peel the same banana peeled. Then put in the oven for about 8 – 10 minutes. Temperatures over 300 degrees are best.

Lose weight with bananas and yogurt

Yogurt is very good for health. So whether weight loss or not should eat
Yogurt is very good for health. So whether weight loss or not should eat

Yogurt has been fermented and refined to cause fat. Yogurt contains intestinal bacteria which help to consume excess food quickly.

You can grind a banana with yogurt as a smoothie or use it alone.

Just processing bananas as usual. Then when eaten in combination with a glass of yogurt is the best results.

Weight loss with bananas and unsweetened milk

Like yogurt, unsweetened milk served with bananas will help you weight loss
Like yogurt, unsweetened milk served with bananas will help you weight loss

Like yogurt, unsweetened milk combined with bananas can also help with weight loss. With just a very simple formula, eat 1 banana with a cup of unsweetened milk.

In the morning eat like that and do not eat anything, sooner or later, you will lose weight as you want.

Lose weight with bananas and sweet potatoes

Choose sweet potatoes with bananas because eating them will help you stay full longer. Sweet potatoes are low in calories, so they will make it easy to lose weight.

You can build a menu of the week with only one day to eat bananas and sweet potatoes. Then, scattered to the rest of the day meals.

For example, the main menu of bananas and sweet potatoes is as follows:

  • Morning: 1 banana with unsweetened milk
  • Noon: Eat bananas with chicken breast, combined with fruit salad.
  • Evening: Eat sweet potatoes and unsweetened yogurt for easy digestion.

This menu is easy to eat. You can choose a day of the week to eat with such a menu to reduce the appetite of bananas.

Weight loss with bananas and chicken eggs

Eggs are delicious and easy to eat. That is why chicken eggs are used continuously at home breakfasts.

The effect of egg weight loss is indisputable. You can simply view the menus of any GYMer with eggs. Supplementing eggs has just helped the skin look beautiful, and the muscle mass minus fat is extremely effective.

More specifically, the protein in eggs helps to increase feelings of fullness for a long time. Combined with bananas, the fruit is more effective.

Lose weight with bananas, tomatoes and pineapple

Banana, tomato and pineapple smoothies are considered a “panacea” for rapid weight loss. This formula is used by many mothers to communicate, pregnancy can also be used.

You use 5 tomatoes, 5 bananas and 1 half pineapple to wash thoroughly.

  • Pineapple peeled, removed and chopped. Tomatoes do the same.
  • Bananas you boil in water (add a few grains of salt). Then drain, peel, cut into slices.
  • Put in a blender puree. Adding ice makes it easier to drink

Weight loss with Cavendish bananas and water

The simplest way is to eat Cavendish bananas and drink warm water instead of breakfast. This is considered a famous global diet method, guided by Hitoshi Watanabe.

This diet requires no extra abstinence or exercise. You just need breakfast with bananas and warm water. The remaining meals are eaten as usual.

When you have entered the weight loss, you absolutely avoid grease. Even fast food or drinks like milk tea should be avoided

Tips when weight loss with banana

You also need to avoid alcohol, beer and stimulants. This is considered a major cause of belly fat. Unrestricted will not see results.

Applying the correct banana weight loss formula as above will certainly lose weight quickly. Wish you soon get the desired physique.

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