Weight loss with brown rice diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home

Weight loss with brown rice diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home
Weight loss with brown rice diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home

Weight loss with brown rice diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home. Brown rice is now so popular with every home. Healing, beautiful skin, nourishing the body or even lose weight with brown rice is also possible.

As long as you know the method of use is completely possible. Here are the effective methods of using brown rice for weight loss that BeHeCare has synthesized.

The best kind of brown rice for weight loss

People should not mistake brown rice for just one type. Brown rice, like ordinary rice, is diverse in variety. However, there are only 3 forms below that help you weight loss easily.

Sporadic brown rice

Sporadic brown rice is the most common type of rice, the least nutritious. Little but no means no. Good sporadic brown rice at regular meals still helps regulate the body, reduce blood cholesterol.

In particular, sporadic brown rice eat Bui, if washed and cooked into rice, then eat very delicious. Unlike brown rice, it will be fat and tired if cooked.

Red brown rice

Red brown rice
Red brown rice

Red brown rice is red-colored rice, a naturally clean, pesticide-free rice. When the husks are finished, they should be red in color.

Red brown rice is good for people to lose weight and abstain from rice because it is fast and full of benignness. Support women wishing to beauty, regain extremely effective body.

Black brown rice

Black brown rice
Black brown rice

Most natural black foods are extremely good for the body. Brown rice is a new breed that has an extremely high efficiency.

Brown rice is high in fiber, low in sugar, very nutritious for the body. Use during weight loss days is extremely effective.

Does eating brown rice with meat weight loss?

Brown rice is easy to eat, but if you eat one it is very fast boring, so you need to eat the side dishes. Meat is not good during weight loss but it is better to be chicken breast or lean meat.

Chicken breast and lean meat in general, if eaten regularly, will help increase muscle and body tone. Because they metabolize and “treat” the body’s excess fat, low calories, do not worry about eating and causing fat.

In addition, meat is nutritious by a good source of protein. When eating, it will make the body feel full and full for the whole day. Therefore, every menu with a clear weight loss calorie consumption of brown rice is entirely possible.

Instructions on how to eat brown rice weight loss quickly

Brown rice only works when you know how to do it right. You can refer to the best way to lose weight is to roast brown rice or cook brown rice. Details are as follows:

Weight loss of roasted brown rice

Roasted brown rice is delicious, helps you lose weight quickly
Roasted brown rice is delicious, helps you lose weight quickly

You can see a lot of roasted brown rice at supermarkets as well as shops. Roasted brown rice is boiled on fire, the rice grains shrink.

By roasting is not afraid of nutrients being lost. Eat again for a long time because roasted rice has water absorption, weight loss, or diet for the body neat, beautiful skin.


  • Choose good roasted brown rice. It is best that red brown rice is more natural and nutritious. Dose, you roast yourself more or less roasted.
  • Put rice in clean water, the amount of water touches the rice. Bring 22 hours to sprout
  • Cook the sprouted rice into rice. Then for the tray and then exposed in the sun. Note regularly stirring the rice to not stick together.
  • After drying for a few days (2-3 days), take out and start roasting.
  • Add grain salt to the island until it is hot. Add rice. Stir until the seeds are puffed and yellow, turn off the gas stove.
  • Wait for the dried rice to remove the salt and place in the jar to use.

You can rest assured that salt is just a conductor to help the rice swell and eat better, not salty. Every day you take out a few meals instead of meals, combined with high fiber foods and nutrition is okay.

Lose weight by brown rice

If you find eating roasted and dry roasted brown rice, you can cook as usual. Brown rice instead of rice is nutritious, so the side dishes should be chicken eggs, unsweetened milk, chicken breast, lean meat, vegetables, …

Absolutely do not eat fast food, greasy foods will lose the effectiveness of weight loss.

The other mon eat from brown rice to weight loss

If you only eat roasted brown rice or weight loss cooked brown rice, you should immediately refer to the other dishes below to diversify your serving.

Brown rice flour helps to weight loss

The powder is finely ground, brown or reddish in color, typical of brown rice. Using the powder is easier to use, just mix and drink very simple.

But not so that the weight loss effect of the powder is reduced. Because flour is ground from rice, drinking will be like drinking nutritious flour. Feeling full for a long time but very comfortable on the stomach.

You drink 1 cup of about 300ml (4 teaspoons of brown rice flour) instead of breakfast and dinner. Just apply continuously like that, only after 10 days is to see immediate results.

Brown rice noodles lose weight

Brown rice vermicelli is also a very easy form of processing. Brown rice vermicelli is not usually popular, so it is sold only in dry form. You add water and cook according to the instructions to eat.

Brown rice noodles are popular with dieters. After discovering the improvement of physique, it is used to lose weight till now.

You can eat brown rice vermicelli with fried vegetables, lean meat to add flavor to the dish.

Brown rice tea lose weight

Cooking brown rice tea to drink regularly throughout the day helps keep the body full of water while still having enough nutrients. To cook is very simple. You scoop 2-3 tablespoons of roasted brown rice and take about 1 liter of hot water.

Soak the tea for about 15 minutes and then drain the water, let it cool immediately.

Brown rice milk for weight loss

If drinking tea for a long time makes you bored, you can change to brown rice milk to lose weight. Choose brown sugar milk, low fat, you do not need to worry too much because brown rice milk does not cause fat or weight gain anymore.

Some experience to weight loss with brown rice

Although losing brown rice is easy, you must eat it the right way. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Using brown rice is essential. Add fruit or other food as a supplement, do not overdo it causing a bad reaction.
  • The first few days you will feel very hungry. Our advice is that you should lose weight slowly. Replace each meal with brown rice rather than changing all meals at once.
  • Do not drink too much water. You should reduce the amount of water to about 1-1.5 liters only.
  • Combining exercise to make the body more healthy, supple. The skin is not saggy, weight loss effect is also better.

Hopefully, through this article, you will soon develop a menu to reduce brown rice. Wish you have a beautiful body soon.

Source: https://behecare.com/