What causes New York to become the largest outbreak in the US?

A square in New York is empty because of Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.
A square in New York is empty because of Covid-19. Photo: Reuters.

Before the situation of Covid-19 became serious, New York issued an unprecedented decree on April 16. So what are the reasons why the disease outbreak so fast here?

New York State now has more cases of Covid-19 infections than any other country in the world and accounts for nearly half of all deaths in the United States. In the past 24 hours, more than 600 people have been recorded dying from Covid-19 in New York state.

On April 16, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would enact an order requiring people across the state to wear masks in public places if they cannot keep a distance of 1.8 meters. The blockade order was extended for another month until May 15.

Those who violate the regulations are likely to face penalties, but Cuomo has not yet issued penalties for the error.

According to the New York Times, this request is part of a special decree effective April 18, and is a drastic move by the State of New York to curb the Covid-19 epidemic.

The question now is why New Yorkers are so seriously affected by the disease? And what can the leaders here do to prevent the situation from becoming more complicated?

By April 16, the state of New York, USA, confirmed more than 213,700 cases of Covid-19, more than both the countries with the highest number of cases in Europe, Spain and Italy. The state also recorded more than 11,500 deaths.

Ideal conditions for outbreaks

Governor Cuomo has repeatedly stated that high population density and large numbers of foreign visitors in New York are ideal conditions for the disease to spread.

This US financial center has about 8.6 million people. The population density is 10,000 people / km2, is the most crowded city in the United States.

Millions of people come into contact with each other on the subway every day, while keeping their distance in public places becomes extremely difficult in crowded streets.

New York City has more than 60 million tourists each year and is the starting point when coming to the US for many visitors. This means that anyone who is infected is likely to infect people in New York first.

American geneticists estimate that the Covid-19 epidemic began spreading from Europe to the US in February, before the first case was confirmed in New York on March 1.

Another problem of New York is that this place has great socio-economic inequality.

The poorest and most crowded areas – especially the Bronx and Queens, where many people have health problems and lack of medical care – have the highest rates of Covid-19 infection.

“New York City has all the ideal conditions for a serious outbreak here,” said Irwin Redlener, a professor of public health and natural disaster prevention specialist at Columbia University.

Is the policy timely and consistent?

The Broadway musical box office in Times Square, New York, closed because of Covid-19. Photo: Getty.
The Broadway musical box office in Times Square, New York, closed because of Covid-19. Photo: Getty.

On March 2, when the second case of New York state was confirmed in New Rochelle, just north of New York City, Cuomo said the health care system was “the best on the planet”. .

“We think the situation will not be as bad as in other countries,” he added.

After a period of hesitation, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of schools, bars and restaurants on March 16.

The governor ordered all businesses not producing essential products to be closed and by March 22, residents were asked to stay home for a week.

Experts are concerned that New York officials have waited too long to take these measures.

“The mayor and governor were pressured by two opposing forces. One side said we had to close schools and restaurants as quickly as possible, and the other said that early quarantine would lead to very Many social and economic consequences, “said Mr. Redlener.

“Everyone receives inconsistent recommendations, including from the federal government, from President Donald Trump,” he added.

California, the most populous state in the United States, is considered a good example of the speed of response to disease. By April 16, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases there was more than 27,100 cases, with more than 800 deaths.

On March 16, six counties in the San Francisco Bay area issued home isolation orders, and three days after the order went into effect across the state.

“I think it’s important that the six neighboring counties have issued a quarantine order together and they did it early,” said Meghan McGinty, a research associate with Johns Hopkins University.

“There is consistency, as opposed to New York City taking one measure, while Westchester and Long Island counties apply two other measures,” she told AFP.

Learn from the pandemic passing

Restaurants in New York are also required to close to quarantine to prevent disease. Photo: AP.
Restaurants in New York are also required to close to quarantine to prevent disease. Photo: AP.

It has been more than a week since New York schools were closed and residents have been isolated at home.

“In terms of epidemics, these days are as significant as years, can make a difference in controlling and stopping the spread, so I think it’s safe to say that when reassessing, maybe New. York has been waiting too long, “McGinty said.

By the time this pandemic crisis was over, the parties in turn began to blame each other.

Democrats criticized the Trump administration’s delay in conducting tests in the states.

New York officials also targeted the federal government for criticism, arguing that the government delayed the state in issuing emergency policies to produce ventilators.

In the wake of an epidemic of deaths far exceeding the number of deaths in 9/11, Phil Murphy, governor of the neighboring state of New Jersey, which was also severely affected, called for a commission. in charge, similar to the September 11, 2001 investigating committee.

“There are already warning signs … and what happened? If you don’t know the answer, how can you be sure this situation doesn’t continue?”, Said Mr. Cuomo.

With current deaths and millions of unemployed, “we have an ethical obligation to study this pandemic,” Ms. McGinty concluded.

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