What is black garlic? What is fermented black garlic good for?

What is black garlic? What is fermented black garlic good for?

What is black garlic? What is fermented black garlic good for? Garlic has been used as a popular spice for a long time. Through experience using as food, people also realize that garlic can be used to treat diseases. Since then, garlic has also been used as a medicine to prevent and cure some common diseases in daily life.

However, in recent times, people talk about the prevention and treatment of a type of garlic called Black Garlic. So what is the use of eating black garlic?

What is black garlic?

Black garlic has long been known in Korea and Japan. This is a form of garlic fermented from fresh garlic for a long time, the resulting product will be black, sweet, no pungent smell of regular garlic and work better than fresh garlic. Because after fermentation the content of active groups increases very high in black garlic, especially the content of S-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC).

Chemical properties of black garlic

Black garlic has a better amino acid composition than white garlic.

Carbohydrate compounds are also converted into sugars, making black garlic sweet.

Partial essential oils are released into the air, partially transformed into non-flavoring substances such as white garlic.

Garlic cells are also destroyed, but in the absence of oxygen, Alliin in garlic transforms into compounds such as SAC, Ajoeme, Allylmercaptocysteine ​​.. and almost no allicin.

An extremely important group of polyphenols has an important effect in medicinal plants, the garlic after fermentation into black garlic has created a large content of these substances, accounting for 0.5 – 2% / dry weight, while in white garlic only accounts for 0.08-0.1%.

In the fermentation process, there is a reaction that converts sulfur-containing compounds such as Methionine, Cysteine, Methanethiol into new water-soluble sulfur compounds such as S-Allyl-S-Cysteine, Alliin, Isoalliin, Methionine, Cycloalliin, Cysteine ​​derivatives, Tetrahydro-Β-Carboline derivatives.

These are important compounds that enhance the effect of obtained black garlic. The natural fermentation process also causes Carbohydrate content to increase from 28.7% (in fresh Garlic) to 47.9% (in Black Garlic), so that Black Garlic has the sweetness of the fruit.

An extremely important group of polyphenols has an important effect in medicinal plants, the garlic after fermentation into black garlic has created a large content of these substances, accounting for 0.5 – 2% / dry weight, while in white garlic only accounts for 0.08-0.1%.

The sulfur-containing compounds in black garlic have the effect of inhibiting cancer cell lines such as colon cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, these substances also cause cells to die under the program ( cancer cells lose control over programmatic death and become immortal).

Chemical properties of black garlic
Chemical properties of black garlic

Uses of black garlic paste

1. The effect of black garlic in antioxidant, anti-disease

Black garlic has very high antioxidant properties that help protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals, fight disease, and slow down the aging process of the body.

Therefore, black garlic is known as a “panacea” for the treatment of diseases caused by free radicals such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Support treatment of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases

The beneficial compounds in black garlic have the ability to eliminate free radicals in plasma, which is highly effective in the treatment of hypertension.

Specifically, according to research by Akita University (Japan), if you use black garlic regularly after 14 days, people with a history of high blood pressure will have a significant drop in blood pressure index (average reduction is approximately 35%).

The effect of black garlic reduces the resistance of blood vessels by directly relaxing the smooth muscle of the vascular walls that help to protect the heart. Especially according to studies, patients with atherosclerosis using black garlic regularly have the effect of decomposing fibrin in serum, reducing arteriosclerosis markedly.

3. The effect of black garlic in protecting liver cells

University scientists in South Korea have demonstrated by studies that black garlic can be very effective to inhibit the ability to cause elevated liver enzymes. Especially patients with fatty liver or other liver diseases if using black garlic is very effective.

Garlic has a protective effect on the liver and may be a good supportive treatment for liver damage. Prevent fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer.

4. Black garlic has the effect of reducing cholesterol, reducing blood fat

Cholesterol is an important part of the body but too much cholesterol in the blood can cause cardiovascular disease, especially myocardial infarction and stroke. The effect of black garlic reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and reduces blood fat effectively.

5. Prevention and support of cancer treatment

The beneficial compounds in black garlic have very good activity to remove free radicals and inhibit cancer formation. Black garlic extract also works against tumor cells, helps to prevent emptying and inhibits the growth of cancer cells effectively.

The mechanism of action of black garlic is through the pathway of immune stimulation, eliminating the possibility of metastasis of tumor cells.

After garlic is fermented, it becomes black garlic, it is enhanced with many pharmaceutical substances compared to fresh garlic, making black garlic much more effective in fighting and preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Black garlic contains a compound called S-allylcysteine. S-allylcysteine ​​is a derivative of cysteine ​​amino acid, which helps lower cholesterol levels in the body and minimizes the risk of cancer.

Organic sulfur compounds, derivatives of carbboline tetrahydro have very strong activity to help free radical scavenging and inhibit lipid peroxidation, thereby being able to resist tumor cells to help prevent and support treatment. Cancer success.

In particular, black garlic is rich in beneficial active ingredients, reducing the occurrence of colon tumors and unusual hidden spots – the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer.

6. The effect of black garlic helps in preventing and supporting diabetes

Besides the hypoglycemic and cholesterrol effects in the blood, taking black garlic can also help improve diabetes effectively. Black garlic has strong antioxidant properties and should be considered as a raw material to prevent complications from diabetes.

7. Enhance immunity, increase resistance

Fresh garlic is highly rated for its antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, especially antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Through the fermentation chain, the beneficial substances in fresh garlic enhance their potency. Black garlic contains allicin, this substance that prevents active viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Active ingredient Allicin in black garlic can kill dozens of viruses that cause disease despite being diluted even 100,000 times; Especially, the active ingredients that increase by 10 times compared to the beginning help improve the body’s resistance, help the body stay healthy and can cope with many kinds of diseases.

8. Improve the physical condition, strengthen the body … especially in the elderly

S-allylcysteine ​​in black garlic supports the absorption of allicin quickly and easily, thereby boosting the body’s ability to protect itself against bacteria, invasive viruses and infections.

9. The effect of black garlic helps reduce arthritis pain

Black garlic contains a plant antibiotic that has a good bactericidal and antibacterial effect, thus helping to reduce pain, swelling and eliminating bacteria that harm joints. effectively treat the symptoms of rheumatism.

10. Black garlic also has the ability to enhance physiology

Allicin allidiamin in black garlic combined with vitamin B1 will help regulate hormones and enhance physiological functions of the genital system. From there, help strengthen the physiological capacity of men.

11. Black garlic detoxifies chronic nicotine effectively

Black garlic contributes to detoxifying the body and protecting the immune system, as well as preventing and restoring our body’s damaged cells effectively by double the original active antioxidant. .

12. The effect of black garlic in beauty

In addition to the amazing uses that black garlic brings to the health of people, black garlic is also a friend that women cannot ignore in beauty care every day.

The ingredients in black garlic, especially vitamins like B15, A, C, E, have high antioxidant effects, protecting the body from damage from free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the skin as well as the internal organs. From there can help extend the youth and a healthy body for you.

Black garlic not only prevents disease, it also helps anti-aging, strong anti-oxidant to help skin youthful, smooth and youthful. In particular, the sulfur in black garlic also helps the body produce collagen to eliminate wrinkles quickly and protect the skin against the damage of free radicals.

Doctors have affirmed that eating black toit every day will create skin metabolism and dark pigmentation in the horny layer on the skin surface to detoxify, reduce darkening, pigmentation, freckles to help skin fresh and bright.

In case your skin is oily, or the mixture is often secreted sebum, or blackheads, … if you use black garlic daily will help improve this situation and eliminate acne, and mucus.

In addition, the essences in black garlic are also easily soluble in water, helping to reduce aging, fade wrinkles, reverse dull and dry skin, giving you soft and smooth skin.

Uses of black garlic paste
Uses of black garlic paste

Does garlic cure everything?

Considered a panacea for human health, however, black garlic is not a medicine and has no healing effects. Black garlic should only be used as a supplement, not abused, instead of medicine.

Supporting the treatment of diabetes, blood fat, reducing obesity, helping the body to be healthy and balanced.

People with blood pressure and cardiovascular disease use black garlic as well.

Support treatment of elevated liver enzymes, liver detoxification, liver cell protection. When suffering from digestive diseases such as stomach, bloating, bloating, and not eating well, black garlic is a very good supportive food.

Has an inhibitory effect, prevents the growth of tumors, enhances immunity …

How to use black garlic?

Depending on the age, the dosage will be different:

– Adults and children over 12 years old should use 1-2 bulbs / day.

– Children from 1 to 12 years should use 1 bulb / day.

– Pregnant women should use 2-4 bulbs / day; In the last 2 months of pregnancy, you should consult your doctor before use.

1. Use directly

You only need to peel and directly use 2-4 black garlic bulbs / day. It is best used in the morning before meals, chew carefully then drink immediately 1 cup of water.

2. Black garlic juice

Take 3-5 grams of black garlic and a cup of warm water into a blender, use food strainer to remove residue.

You can always drink black garlic juice or use the same smoothie and fruit juice. To save time, you can puree black garlic in large quantities and store it in the refrigerator to use.

3. Black garlic soaked honey

Take about 125-150g of peeled black garlic and place the whole tuber in a glass jar, pour the honey in to cover the black garlic; Soak for 3 weeks is usable.

Every day you eat about 3 black garlic and a spoonful of honey, divided evenly throughout the day meals.

4. Black garlic soaked in wine

Take 250g of peeled black garlic with 1 liter of white wine in a glass jar for about 10 days.

Every day you use 2-3 times, each time you use 30-40 ml after a meal to promote the optimal use of black garlic.

5. Use black garlic with other foods at meals

You can make black garlic sauce, paza or smoothie, braised meat with black garlic … depending on the conditions and preferences of each person, you can bring essential nutrients to every meal for the whole family.

How to use black garlic?
How to use black garlic?

Frequently asked questions about black garlic

Who should use black garlic?

Weak old people, new people get up.

People who often work in hazardous or chemical environments.

People at high risk of cancer.

People undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and after surgery.

People who are often tired or stressed want to improve their health.

People who use a lot of beer, alcohol, cigarettes.

People with high blood pressure, cholesterol, high cholesterol.

Those who are easily obese or at risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes.

People experiencing chronic insomnia, anorexia.

Who should not use black garlic?

Black garlic has many uses, but when using it, you need to pay attention to the health status as well as the purpose of use, to avoid wasting and bad effects on health.

1. People suffering from eye diseases

According to scientific research, people who use black garlic for a long time will lead to eye damage, vision loss. Black garlic is not for people suffering from eye diseases, anemia, dizziness, dizziness, ringing in the ears ….

2. People suffering from liver diseases

When ingested, black garlic will produce a substance that inhibits the secretion of fluids that affect the digestive process, leading to impaired liver function.

People suffering from liver diseases when eating black garlic will lead to nausea, people being treated for liver disease eat black garlic will lead to anemia, not good for health.

3. People who are suffering from kidney disease

Because black garlic is a pungent, spicy food when it enters the body, it will react with kidney medicine to cause unwanted side effects.

Eating black garlic leads to the drug has no effect, making the relapse return to a negative effect on health.

4. People with diarrhea

People with diarrhea should not eat black garlic because black garlic will damage the lining of the intestinal wall, congestion that affects the digestive tract as well as obstruction of the intestines, making patients worse.

5. People with low blood pressure

Because black garlic can cause health complications. People who are pregnant should not eat too much black garlic or abuse it to cure …

Side effects of black garlic when used too much?

May cause body heat, discomfort, and adverse effects on the liver.

When using black garlic soaked in alcohol should not use more than 30ml per day, resulting in excess, the body can not absorb all, causing waste.

Black garlic has a high content of Allicin. If not completely metabolized, the user may experience severe skin irritation, which may cause gastrointestinal damage.

Should eat black garlic when?

The best way to use black garlic is also the problem. Eating at the wrong time will not absorb all the nutrients in black garlic.

Advice for you: Black garlic should be eaten during or immediately after a meal. At this time, the gastric juice in the stomach and food will help the active ingredients absorb more easily. Besides, it also avoids the side effects are not good for the stomach.

Eating black garlic can cause constipation?

In fact, black garlic is considered a benign product, suitable for all audiences and ages. However, whether it is black garlic or any other product, compliance with the dosage and usage is essential.

According to experts, overeating or abuse of black garlic can cause heat, constipation, not good for the digestive system. In addition, if you unfortunately buy poor quality products, it is easy to suffer from abdominal pain, indigestion.

Thus, if you eat too much black garlic will be hot and not good for health. Experts recommend that you only use 2 – 3 tubers per day (for adults), children should use only 1/3 tubers is sufficient.

Eating black garlic has a bitter taste?

Eating black garlic is not as bitter and spicy as regular garlic. Black garlic is made from our garlic, which is fermented through continuous electric drying for 35 – 45 hours. After that, they are kept incubated for about 45 days so that the skin turns ivory, the cloves inside turn black, supple, have a sweet taste like fruits, without bitterness.

In the process of fermentation, there is a metabolic reaction of compounds that increase the amount of sugar in garlic by 10 times, which can be eaten by the elderly and children alike.

Is homemade black garlic good?

According to nutritionists, black garlic is made by many people by soaking yeast beer, then brewing with electric rice cooker. If black garlic has a similar taste to the garlic on the market and uses, there is no problem with food safety.

If the garlic itself is brewed with a rice cooker, it can lead to wet, moldy, damaged, burning due to excessive heat producing toxic ingredients in garlic.

Or it may not meet the standards for temperature, humidity, and this affects the metabolism of garlic. This affects the effectiveness and use of garlic when used with the body.

What is the use of black garlic for pregnant women?

1. Adjust the digestive system

During pregnancy, due to the physiological changes during pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman changes greatly, intestinal and stomach discomfort, temporarily unfavorable in the use of medication.

Adjust the main diet, do not eat hard foods that are hard to digest, eat foods in the form of digestive juices. Eating black garlic promotes gastrointestinal function.

2. Help mothers have a more comfortable sleep during pregnancy

Many pregnant women will find it difficult to sleep, or sleep suddenly cramping, often resulting in waking up. Taking medication that stimulates sleep may cause certain damage to the unborn baby. Eating black garlic is the safest and most convenient method.

3. Improve body immunity

From the 3rd month of pregnancy, the body’s resistance decreases, so eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk … Using black garlic in the diet is an auxiliary method to enhance her immunity. vote.

Pregnant women are at higher risk for high blood pressure due to the need for body blood volume that is higher than normal people. A study published in the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that pregnant women supplementing with black garlic in their daily diets reduced their risk of developing high blood pressure.

What is the use of black garlic for older people?

Allicin helps antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, strengthening resistance which is gradually weakened in the elderly.

S-allyl-cysteine is an effective aid in eliminating bad and excess cholesterol in the body of the elderly, thereby helping to prevent heart failure, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, …

Glutamine helps prevent and treat symptoms of neurasthenia. Tryptophan is essential for the production of serotonin – an important neurotransmitter that helps improve sleep, giving older people a good, deep sleep.

Calcium helps keep bones and teeth strong, prevents osteoporosis and lysine helps increase the absorption of calcium into the body.

Black garlic wine helps keep the body warm, effectively preventing the symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis.

What is the use of black garlic for pregnant women?
What is the use of black garlic for pregnant women?

Can black garlic cure diabetes?

The correct answer to this question is: Black garlic has a very good prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Garlic affects the synthesis of glycogen in the liver to reduce their blood sugar levels of insulin and increase plasma levels.

Where allicin can cause normal blood glucose levels to drop, black garlic continues to contain S-methyl-L-cysteine ​​sulfoxide and S-allyl cysteine ​​sulfoxide-, sulfides contain inhibition of G-6-P enzyme NADPH. , to prevent destruction of insulin, has a hypoglycemic effect.

Black garlic contains alkaloids, also has an ingredient that helps lower blood sugar, increase the function of insulin, more importantly, it does not affect blood sugar for normal people.

Glycine to reduce blood glucose levels in the blood, prevent and treat diabetes. Isoleucine promotes insulin secretion, and the regulation of blood sugar.

Does black garlic work for weight loss?

A study conducted by scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has shown that allicin in garlic itself is an effective appetite suppressant, which will help you to release fats, limiting accumulation. of excess body fat.

Eating black garlic helps stimulate the nervous system to release adrenalin hormone, which helps increase metabolism. At the same time, it will help you prevent fat deposits from forming fat deposits under the skin by up to 40%.

Therefore, if you eat garlic daily, you will no longer worry about the ugly fat on your body.

Black garlic cure sinusitis?

The reason black garlic brings very good effects in treating sinusitis is because it contains Allicin. This is a strong natural antibiotic, more effective than penicillin, strong antiseptic ability, inhibiting many types of bacteria causing sinusitis such as Haemophilus, Streptococcu.

In addition, the use of black garlic is that it contains high selenium minerals that help to strong anti-oxidants, help increase the protective ability at cell membranes, enhance the ability of the immune system in the body. Studies on patients with sinusitis show that those who use garlic have reduced inflammation in the mucosa, mucus is thinner after 1-2 months of treatment.

How does black garlic treat gout?

According to the research results. Black garlic has many beneficial substances in the treatment of gout such as lycosides, alkaloids, flavones … vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin K … zinc, iron, phosphorus … and many other antioxidants.

Thanks to these ingredients, black garlic has a very good effect to detoxify, fight inflammation, cool down, eliminate toxins, stabilize the balance of uric acid in the blood (the factor that helps treat gout very well), helps the body to be stable. destroys metamorphosis process, helps reduce hard sclerosis,…

Experience buying black garlic?

Refer to the multi-dimensional information from the internet, review, or consult relatives or friends who have used black garlic.

You should compare the price of black garlic that suppliers offer based on demand. Many times you buy a good product but not necessarily a good price. Consider the policy incentives offered by the supplier.

When you have chosen where to buy black garlic, please check carefully the information on the product: the origin, origin, …

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