What to eat to produce healthy sperm? Men’s health food

What to eat to produce healthy sperm? Men's health food
What to eat to produce healthy sperm? Men's health food

What to eat to produce healthy sperm? Men’s health food. Currently, the number of infertile and infertile couples is increasing. The main reason is that men have weak sperm and this is also a worry of men. As many surveys show:

  • One in five men is having a headache because of low sperm quality.
  • 1/6 of young couples are having reproductive difficulties.

To save this situation, many Eastern and Western remedies were born to improve the quality of sperm. However, oral medicine is only a part, the rest is extremely important, what is eating good for male sperm, helping men improve quality, sperm count and increase the rate of successful pregnancy?

The best foods for sperm

A sensible diet, high intake of foods that can stimulate sperm production is a simple and easy way for men to improve their condition. Therefore, men should fully absorb nutrients by adding the foods suggested below to the daily menu.

Red meat

Red meat is a leading sperm food because it is high in iron and protein.

In addition, this food also helps strengthen male vitality, prevent the risk of obesity and overweight. Red meat also stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide so the penis is easy to erect when near a partner.

In red meats also contain many minerals, zinc works to increase the number and quality of sperm.

Meat is an easy-to-prepare food, so you can add it to your daily menu to make your sperm healthier.

Oysters sea

Omega – 3 and Amino Acid are synthesized primarily from oysters. Therefore, oysters are a good food for sperm to swim quickly and supplement testosterone in men.

On the other hand, this type of sea seafood also helps reduce fat, eliminate Cholesterone from the body. So, if you’re wondering, “What’s good for weak sperm?” Add oysters to your diet.

You should eat oysters 3 times a week to increase the quality, the number of sperm, enhance fertility, especially giving birth to a son. In addition, oysters also regulate and increase blood flow to the penis, supplementing amino acids so that sperm is always healthy, limiting sperms with tail-docking deformities to not swim quickly to the subject.

Therefore, oysters are not only delicious, but also helpful in improving the quality of sperm.

Dried nuts

Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, etc. are not only good for pregnant women but also good for sperm.

Nuts are rich in zinc and this is the factor that stimulates the production of Testosterone, this male hormone has a great influence on sperm growth.

In addition, the abundance of selenium in nuts helps the army to be flexible, increasing the life time.

Thus, the “seed” of the eyebrow will swim quickly to reach the goal and increase the likelihood of conception, you need to pay attention to adding this type of food fully in the meal offline.


Walnuts contain Omega – 3 very good for the brain formation of fetuses, young children.

Therefore, pregnant women from 8 months and older are supplemented by this obstetrician daily. In addition, walnuts are also good food for sperm, improving sperm quality.

According to many clinical research results, men who regularly supplement five to seven walnuts a day will be very good.

The reason is that the amount of Omega – 3 and fatty acids help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase resistance, increase flexibility and contribute to making the love more complete.

Walnuts taste greasy, not sweet so very easy to eat. Supplementing this fruit daily will be comprehensive support for health, fullness as well as quality sperm. Therefore, men need to pay attention to this fruit.

Kinds of bean

For men who have weak sperm problems, difficult to conceive, you should use green beans, black beans, … because it is a good food for sperm.

Legumes contain a lot of Vitamin C, E, B12, … and a good amount of zinc helps:

  • Improve physiological function
  • Extend relationship time
  • Limit malformed sperm, tail amputation and increase the ability to swim fast
  • Prevent infertility, infertility.

Beans are often cheap and easily processed into delicious foods. Therefore, you should include this food in your family’s daily meals.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a good food for sperm because it helps sperm to swim quickly.

The amount of Amine L – Arginine in Black Chocolate has the ability to improve sperm quality, helping them to swim quickly to meet eggs. Not only that, dark chocolate also helps increase sperm count.

Therefore, Westerners often have the habit of eating dark chocolate and drinking a glass of red wine before “rain clouds”.

The goal is to help them confidently show their bravery and create a large, healthy army as well as a way to create an atmosphere for more romantic sex.


Bananas are a great food for sperm because they help replenish nutrients like:

  • Bromelain
  • Vitamins A, B1, C

Thus, the strength of the parasite will be enhanced and likely to survive until the egg is met, the ability to conceive will also be higher.

Folk people often have the saying “eat what you eat” and eat bananas will add bananas.

This statement seems to be very true, so you should regularly add good food for sperm, support physiological weakness.

Fruit contains lots of Vitamin C

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, tangerines, kiwi, etc. are not only delicious but also good foods for sperm.

These fruits contain lots of Vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron easily. As a result, sperm also becomes “stronger”.

These sweet and sour fruits also contain large amounts of antioxidants. The main reason for eliminating free radicals that affect health, the toughness of sperm is that sperm will also mate with eggs more easily.

So, if you’re wondering what no sperm should eat, hurry up and get a vitamin C-rich fruit!

This is an easy and suitable solution for all men who are having reproductive problems.


Tomatoes have been considered the most effective fruit to fight against prostate cancer.

And a more surprising finding, tomatoes are also very good food for sperm because of the ability to produce sperm up to 70%.

The amount of lycopene in tomatoes is likely to increase the sperm count by 70% and swim quickly to reach the target.

According to many studies, you just need to maintain the habit of eating two to four tomatoes a week, which will quickly bring you the desired fruit.


When talking about weak sperm should eat nothing, can not ignore ginseng. Ginseng is a valuable medicine present in most physiological and health-enhancing remedies. Regarding physiological effects, when long-term use of men will be:

  • Improve the size of “little boy”.
  • Increase the number and quality of sperm.

That is the reason that ginseng is often used in precious remedies to treat male physiological weakness.

If possible, add ginseng to your diet to stay healthy and fit.

Bean sprouts

Chives, bean sprouts, etc. have long been known as good foods for sperm and boosting men’s vitality.

In the composition of this food contains a lot of Vitamin C, E, Protein, which stimulates the production of Testosterone.

With chives, bean sprouts, … you can cook white tofu soup, stir-fried with liver, garlic, … or you can eat with rice noodles, raw vegetables.

Supplement bean sprouts will support very well for your physiological health, please use to improve the physiology, your sperm!


Until now, watermelon is considered a lucky red fruit often used to celebrate Tet. Besides, this fruit is also a natural viagra, which helps dilate blood vessels in the penis better.

When the walls of the penis blood vessels expand well, the penis is easy to erect and the sperm is also improved.

With the special benefits that watermelon brings, you should add these juicy, refreshing fruits to your diet!


Blueberries contain Quercetin and Resveratrol, so they have good anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. At the same time, according to many studies, Quercetin also increases the ability to move, sperm quality. That’s why men should drink blueberry water regularly.


The best food for sperm that people often overlook, is water. A simple way to increase sperm count and quality, you only need to drink a minimum of two liters of filtered water a day ..

What foods should not be eaten when the sperm is weak?

Besides good food for the sperm, men should stay away from the food and drinks below if they do not want their “breeding” weak.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, stimulant.
  • Processed foods: instant noodles, canned meat … These foods all contain chemicals that are not good for sperm.
  • Foods from soy: soy milk, tofu (tofu), …
  • Animal organs such as liver, heart, heart …

The above is a summary of the best foods for sperm. Hopefully after today’s article, the gentleman will know what to eat to have more sperm and increase the chances of conception.

Source: https://behecare.com/