WHO: Many countries will have to adjust the death toll just like China

A test site in Brooklyn, New York on April 15. Photo: New York Times.
A test site in Brooklyn, New York on April 15. Photo: New York Times.

The World Health Organization said on April 17 that many other countries may need to correct the number of deaths due to Covid-19 like China when the disease is under control.

Wuhan, the world’s first epidemic, acknowledged errors in the number of deaths and unexpectedly revised the city ‘s figure by 50% – after doubts about China’s transparency. Quoc translated situation.

There have been many questions about how China records the number of cases, after the country continuously changed the standard for cases, according to AFP.

“It is a challenge in an outbreak of disease: how to identify all cases and all deaths,” Maria van Kerkhove, a senior WHO expert on Covid-19, said at a press conference. route from Geneva.

“I think many countries will face similar situations, because they will have to go back and check the records and see if all cases have been counted,” he said.

Wuhan counted 1,290 more deaths because of Covid-19, bringing the total number of victims to 3,869. The number of infections increased by 325, to 50,333 cases.

Van Kerkhove said some patients died at home, others were in temporary hospitals, and the medical staff had to concentrate on emergency and treatment so it was impossible to complete the paperwork on time.

Michael Ryan, WHO’s director of emergency response, added: “Every country will see this.” But he also urged countries to update accurate data as soon as possible “because it helps us understand what the impact is, giving us a much more accurate future prediction”.

New York City on April 14 revised its Covid-19 deaths, increasing the number by more than 3,700 to include those who have not been tested but are more likely to be infected with the virus.

Catalonia region of Spain on April 15 also began counting the number of deaths suspected of corona virus infection, making the number of deaths here increased significantly. However, the Spanish government has not counted suspected cases in the number of casualties, but said it would seek to adjust the statistics from regions, according to Reuters.

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