WHO: The virus causing Covid-19 may never go away

Mike Ryan, a WHO expert, said it was impossible to predict when Covid-19 would end. Photo: AP.
Mike Ryan, a WHO expert, said it was impossible to predict when Covid-19 would end. Photo: AP.

The World Health Organization believes that Covid-19 can become a specific disease that cannot be completely eradicated.

“When did the Covid-19 translation end” is an unanswered question. For WHO, one of the answers to consider is that this disease will never be completely eliminated.

“It is necessary to consider the possibility that the virus will become a local reappearance, and never disappear,” WHO expert Mike Ryan said in an online meeting on May 13.

“I think it is important to be realistic and I don’t think anyone can predict when an epidemic will end. I think there is no exact time or promise. The disease can be a long problem. long, and maybe not like that, “Mr. Ryan added.

As for worldwide vaccine development efforts, Mr. Ryan also noted that some vaccinated diseases such as measles actually did not disappear. He said tight control is a way to reduce the risk of disease, and the world needs a “great effort” even when the vaccine has been successfully produced.

“We still have hope if we can find a highly effective vaccine, and distribute it to everyone in need around the world. At that time, there is a possibility that we can eliminate the epidemic,” Mr. Ryan concluded. .

So far, many countries have considered measures to return to normal life, open the economy and control the epidemic. The European Union, on May 13, proposed to gradually open the borders of the bloc’s countries, with the idea that the summer tourism season can still be saved at this time.

According to WHO experts, the opening of the road border has a lower risk than the flight routes.

“We need to determine that it will take a long time to overcome the disease,” said WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove.

As of May 14, 4.3 million people worldwide were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with more than 295,000 dead.

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