WHO warns of a second wave of outbreaks if countries loosen up

WHO experts warn countries not to lift precautionary measures too soon. Photo: Reuters.
WHO experts warn countries not to lift precautionary measures too soon. Photo: Reuters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on May 25 that countries with reduced numbers of Covid-19 infections could still face a “second wave” if the safety measures end soon.

Dr Mike Ryan, director of the WHO’s emergency agency, said the world was still in the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Although the number of infections is declining in many countries, Mr. Ryan emphasized the situation is still complicated in countries in Central and South America, South Asia and Africa.

According to Mr. Ryan, the epidemics often come in waves, which means that the epidemic may return by the end of this year where the first wave has settled. Infection rates can even increase if control measures are removed too quickly.

“When it comes to the second wave, the most basic interpretation is that there will be a first outbreak, and it will recur a few months later. That will be the reality that many countries face in just a few months, ”Reuters quoted Mr. Ryan.

The expert warns countries “to be aware of pandemic outbreaks at any time.”

Mr. Ryan emphasized that countries in Europe and North America need to “continue public health and social safeguards, surveillance and testing measures, in a comprehensive campaign to ensure we are on momentum to reverse disease and can avoid a second outbreak. ”

In recent weeks, many European countries and states in the US have reopened and ended blockade policies to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

These measures are thought to have slowed the rate of infection in the community, but at the same time led to a deep decline of the economy.

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