Why did Tom Hanks and his wife have Covid-19?

Tom Hanks confirmed he and his wife were positive for corona virus.
Tom Hanks confirmed he and his wife were positive for corona virus.

Warner Bros told Deadline about Tom Hanks being able to catch Covid-19 from a member of the production team.

On March 12, Tom Hanks confirmed on his personal page that he and his wife – Rita Wilson – were positive for the corona virus during filming in Australia.

The actor said he and his wife were taken away in isolation according to medical regulations to ensure public safety and health.

Warner Bros – the production unit of the film Tom Hanks is participating in Australia – said the 64-year-old actor is likely infected by a virus from a member of the production team.

“Warner Bros. announced that a member of the production team was infected with the corona virus. This person is being treated. The company also emphasized: ‘We are working closely with the Australian health authorities to verify. and contact all people who have had close contact with this person, “wrote Deadline.

Earlier, through a personal page, Tom Hanks said he and his wife felt tired and showed signs of Covid-19 disease during filming.

American actor and actress are likely to catch the virus from a crew member.
American actor and actress are likely to catch the virus from a crew member.

“We felt a bit tired, like a cold, accompanied by body aches. Rita occasionally experienced chills and mild fever. And we have done the right thing, the most necessary right now is to test, the results were positive, ”the Oscar-winning actor shared on social networks.

Hanks and his wife are in Australia to film the film about Elvis Presley. In the film, Tom Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker – the manager of the legendary American singer.

Tom Hanks (full name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks) born in 1956 is a famous American actor and producer. He is famous for hit films like Splash, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan … The 64-year-old actor has won 2 Oscars for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump.

In addition, on 11 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic.

The US government has issued a restriction on entry for people from European countries. This order takes effect from March 13 and lasts for the next 30 days.

President Donald Trump temporarily leaves England as an exception to the ban. Persons traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States will still be allowed to enter normally.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer and many other MPs have called on President Trump to declare a national emergency to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Declaring a national emergency will allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use more than $ 40 billion from disaster relief funds to assist local governments in dealing with the corona virus.

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